Texas Sheriffs Today
Jun. 19, 2015

Dallas sheriff releases dashcam video of armored truck chase following shootout at police headquarters
Houston Chronicle
Early Tuesday, the Dallas County Sheriff's Office released two videos of deputies chasing and ultimately stopping an armored truck which led an assault on Dallas police headquarters over the weekend. Police say James Boulware lured officers to his suspicious-looking van outside their headquarters late Saturday, June 12, when he began firing upon them from inside. He then allegedly rammed patrol vehicles before fleeing.

An initial dashboard camera captured an offficer from the sheriff's department deploying "stop sticks" to stop the van just seconds before it came speeding through, just after midnight Sunday morning. More

Victoria County Sheriff's Office, Texas Attorney General's Office conduct child support roundup
Focus Daily News
The Victoria County Sheriff's Office has arrested 15 Victoria County parents who violated a total of 20 court orders requiring them to pay child support. This week's sweep was conducted in conjunction with the Texas Attorney General's Child Support Division. The effort focused on parents who were the subjects of arrest warrants because of their failure to pay child support.More

Flooding still a concern around Lake Grapevine, Wise County
Tropical Storm Bill has moved on but is still causing headaches for flood-soaked regions of North Texas. In Grapevine, officials were warning residents of three apartment complexes near Grapevine Mills mall that they could be cut off by floodwaters coming from Denton Creek and an overflowing Lake Grapevine.

The Wise County Sheriff's Office reported two roads along Big Sandy Creek, County Road 2650 and Saddle Ridge Road, have been closed because roadways over the culverts washed out.More

Comal County: Silver Alert discontinued for San Antonio man
A Silver Alert for a 79-year-old man with a cognitive impairment has been discontinued, according to a tweet by Texas Alerts. Thursday afternoon, the Comal County Sheriff's Office issued the alert for Clutis Malcolm Beck of San Antonio. According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, Beck was last seen at 4:30 p.m. Wednesday along East Evans Road in San Antonio driving a white 2002 Ford Ranger with Texas license plate 78YXL8.More

Texas 10 Most Wanted sex offenders, fugitive arrested
Jacksonville Progress
The Texas Department of Public Safety has announced that three individuals on the Texas 10 Most Wanted lists were captured recently. Texas 10 Most Wanted sex offender John Erick Anderson, 54, was deported from Mexico on June 2; Texas 10 Most Wanted fugitive John Ernest Maxwell, 39, was arrested on June 4 in Austin; and Texas 10 Most Wanted sex offender Dennis Ray Sandoval, 29, was apprehended on June 6 in Dallas.More

Prosecutor orders independent investigation of officer's acts at McKinney pool incident
The Associated Press via Fox News
Prosecutors have called in the Texas Rangers to investigate an incident in which a white police officer is seen on video pushing a bikini-clad black teenage girl to the ground and brandishing his gun at other black teens.More

Privately owned armored trucks raise eyebrows after Dallas attack
The New York Times via The Dallas Morning News
As the attack on the Dallas Police Headquarters recently by a man in an armored van that was apparently bought on eBay makes clear — anyone can buy virtually anything online and drive virtually anything on the road. The Ford van in the Dallas attack resembled a vehicle used by the police or money-transporting companies, with gun portholes, armor plating and outer running boards along the sides to stand on. It was one of scores of military and police-style vans, trucks and cars offered for sale on Craigslist and eBay, vehicles the owners defend as novelties that are driven for fun, not for assaults. More

Driver's license addresses no longer help police
The Texas Tribune
In years past, a driver's license issued by the state Department of Public Safety was one of the most best tools police had to track down criminal suspects and witnesses, serve warrants or look quickly for next-of-kin when someone was killed. But no more. Blame it on a more mobile, job-hopping culture, both nationwide and in Texas.More

Green lasers help make firearms more effective
Green is one of the colors humans see best, and it is currently considered the latest and greatest in laser sights for firearms. Green laser sights required a bit of an engineering leap due to their stronger pull for power. Figuring out a practical battery life was the challenge, but perseverance paid off, and green laser sights are definitely the rage in 2015.More