Texas Sheriffs Today
Jul. 3, 2015

5 pros and cons of officers wearing body cameras
Congress took symbolic action on police body cameras in June, supporting a a nonbinding resolution to encourage police to wear body cameras on duty. The resolution was sponsored by Rep. Al Green in response to the resignation of a Texas police officer accused of police brutality. More

More than 40 suspects from 12 different states arrested in Central Texas prostitution sting
San Antonio Express-News
More than 40 men and women, including a rapper from Arkansas and a teacher, have been arrested during a weeks-long online prostitution sting conducted by the McLennan County Sheriff's Office. Forty-five people from ages 18 to 61 now face prostitution and human trafficking-related charges after Detectives Brad Bond and Joseph Scaramucci began posing as johns, adult prostitutes and underage prostitutes on June 1, a sheriff's office news release released Tuesday said.More

DPS announces thousands in rewards for wanted fugitives
Houston Chronicle
Texas is offering substantial money in hopes of catching some fugitives. The Texas Department of Public Safety announced a $7,500 reward for tips leading to the arrest of a Harris County sex offender accused of jumping bond. According to the DPS, 46-year-old Michael Osborn removed his court-ordered ankle monitor on June 2 and failed to appear at his required registration.

On Tuesday, the department also upped the reward money for this month's featured fugitive from the top 10 list: $12,500 is being offered for tips leading to the arrest of 31-year-old Omar Cruz, wanted for sexual assault of a child and forgery of a financial instrument.More

'No open carry' signs are likely to trigger next Texas gun debate
The Dallas Morning News
The next tussle over Texas' new open carry law is likely to come over one of its more mundane requirements: signs. Starting in January, licensed Texans will be able to openly carry handguns in belt or shoulder holsters. Business owners who want patrons to leave their weapons behind will have to post one new large sign and revise one they already have. More

Recruitment nightmares with officers
William L. Harvey writes: "Some believe that the police hiring process is a mundane and relatively simple process. Advertise, test and before you know it there are new officers. This may have been the way in the past century but a far cry from today's legal realities. Of course, the old-timers will tell of how easy it was for them back in their day.

"First of all, that ship has sailed of the easy and good old days. A modern department is fraught with many perils in the hiring arena. New chiefs and sheriffs, pay attention and acquaint yourself with the process."More

Retired military dogs find new purpose in meth wars
The Associated Press via Portland Press Herald
Five retired military dogs that spent years working in war zones are putting their noses to new uses by helping police in the U.S. combat methamphetamine and other drugs. The dogs are being deployed to departments in Texas, Indiana, Tennessee, Nebraska and Georgia as part of a venture that organizers say gives police a resource they couldn't otherwise afford and provides the dogs a new mission.More

5 ways officers can better connect with their children
One of the great stresses on law enforcement officers is family conflict. We all know not to bring it with us to the job, and not to take the job home, but the truth is we just aren't wired that way. That means we have to be very intentional in turning down the burners in both directions. More