Texas Sheriffs Today
Jul. 24, 2015

Off-duty Texas firefighter slams down would-be robber
Breit Bart
Video has been released of an off-duty Mansfield, Texas, firefighter who executed a perfect WWE slam on a would-be robber at a gas station. At the Exxon Oasis Food Store on 9th Street in Midlothian, Daniel Gaskey, who not only serves as a firefighter but also served in the Marines, stood in front of the cashier when Dylan Bearden, 19, wearing a bandanna over his head and face, approached him from behind and pulled him to the side so Bearden could step in front of the cashier. Gaskey quietly drew aside and behind Bearden, raising his hands to indicate his acquiescence.More

Texas Supreme Court limits amount of supersedeas bond
One of the biggest challenges confronting a defendant that has lost a large judgment is the need to file a supersedeas bond in order to prevent execution on the judgment during the pendency of the appeal. There are good arguments for not requiring the defendant to bond the punitive damages part of such a judgment, but the courts seldom accept them. Recognising the pressure imposed on defendants by a requirement that they bond the full amount of the judgment, plus interest and costs, in 2003 the Texas legislature enacted Section 52.006 of the Civil Practice and Remedies Code, which imposes an array of limitations on the bond requirement.More

Donald Trump to visit Texas-Mexico border
My San Antonio
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will visit the Texas-Mexico border soon, weeks after remarks he made about Mexican immigrants drew sharp criticism from members of his own party. The Trump campaign recently made the announcement that the New York businessman will meet with local law enforcement in Laredo.More

New technology allows cops to track suspects remotely
Corpus Christi Caller-Times
About $290,000 is being appropriated to the citywide camera interoperability project from the Crime Control and Prevention District fund. The project is in its bidding stage and the money will be used for its first phase, which includes building a central monitoring hub that can tap into any of the about 200 city cameras, a mobile command post with similar capacities, upgrading department surveillance technology and replacing outdated city cameras.More

UNT police work to keep up standards
Denton Record-Chronicle
The Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies is seeking the publics input on how the University of North Texas Police Department is holding up in the community. The department seeks re-accreditation every three years, and CALEA representatives will conduct an on-site assessment soon, UNT police Lt. David Owen said. The department will be inspected to make sure it complies with policy, management, operations and support services that match the CALEA law enforcement standards, he said.More

Lee County, Florida, sheriff's new Facebook page lists missing persons
The News-Press
Local crime fighters have taken to social media in the hopes they can find "friends" to help solve missing persons cases. The Lee County Sheriff's Office in Florida launched a new missing persons Facebook page that spotlighted the disappearance of two adults and four children.More

Bill barring grand juries in police deadly force cases clears Assembly
Los Angeles Times
Lawmakers in the Assembly narrowly approved a measure that would prohibit secret grand juries to consider incidents of excessive or deadly force by police officers. "The grand jury system lacks transparency," said Assemblyman Bill Quirk, D-Hayward, who presented the bill in the Assembly. More

Law enforcement agencies face complex data challenges
Government Technology
Many law enforcement agencies find themselves at a crossroads today. Data demands are growing exponentially — from the footage captured by body-worn cameras to fingerprint files, criminal records and surveillance video. And while the digital media information and evidence law enforcement officers collect is vitally important, many departments lack both the staff needed to manage it and the storage needed to contain it. As a result, many are turning to cloud solutions.More

Louisiana prison dog training program changing lives
A Braithwaite, Louisiana, woman never thought she could have a productive life. She thought a birth defect and violence had ended her hopes and dreams. Then, the dedication of a man who moved here after Hurricane Katrina, along with prisoners and the unconditional love of a four-legged friend, changed her life.More

Sheriff department upgrades show increased need for technology
By Archita Datta Majumdar
Resource upgrades routinely top the list of needs for every law enforcement agency, but never has the agenda been so aggressive like it is today. Sheriff departments across the country have been requisitioning and petitioning for better tools and equipment, from high-end computers, networks and bandwidth to telecommunications gadgets and upgraded weaponry. Let's take a look at some recent upgrades and improvements across the country.More

'Darkode' goes dark: Police shut down infamous cybercrime marketplace
The FBI and the US Department of Justice have helped break up a massive and notorious one-stop shop for cybercriminals, an online marketplace where hackers and others worldwide could buy and sell malicious software, stolen credit card data, lifted passwords and more.More