Texas Sheriffs Today
Jul. 25, 2014

Police: 24 arrested for human trafficking in Denton County
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Authorities have cracked down on a human trafficking operation in Denton County that involved several teenagers. Twenty-four people were arrested, and other arrests are expected. Two juveniles were rescued, according to Sandi Brackeen, a spokeswoman for the Denton County Sheriff's Department. None of those arrested was identified because the investigation is continuing, and no additional information was released.More

South Texas authorities look for cartel connection in border shootout
Yellow police tape still hung from fences as Texas Rangers walked through the scene where just a day earlier a gang member had gone down in a hail of gunfire in an hours-long shootout with authorities that left two cops wounded. Some police officers spent more than three hours pinned down by the close to 500 shots that were exchanged between authorities and 29-year-old Joaquin Cibrian, a member of the Texas Syndicate gang. Edinburg police had been looking for Cibrian for his alleged role in the execution of a 19-year-old man from Mexico.More

US police officer deaths jump 31 percent in 1st half of 2014
Los Angeles Times
Thee number of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty nationwide jumped 31 percent in the first half of 2014, with California leading the nation with eight deaths, data shows. In the first half of the year, 67 officers died in the line of duty in the U.S., compared with 51 in the same period in 2013, according to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.More

Houston-area officers disciplined after hazing
VideoBriefA police lieutenant is out of a job and three of his colleagues have been disciplined after an officer was injured in what the chief calls a hazing initiation incident for a new SWAT team member. The lieutenant involved denies it was a hazing incident. Surveillance video shows several officers watching another officer fire a "less-lethal" bean bag round at Officer Erik Marmol.More

School police chiefs learning best practices in Corpus Christi
School district police chiefs from around the state are gathering for a conference in Corpus Christi. They've trained on how to deal with sexting and online predators. They also had a debriefing about school shootings with officers who responded to the College Station shooting sharing case details.More

Chicago tries wiping away arrests in an effort to fight crime
The Associated Press via Houston Chronicle
Desperate to curb the gun violence wracking their city, Chicago lawmakers are leading the way toward a counterintuitive idea — fighting crime by making it easier for young people to wipe away minor arrest records. The goal is to give tens of thousands of teens a better chance to find work or get into college, rather than letting a minor episode with police possibly doom them to a life on the gang-dominated streets of some of the city's most troubled neighborhoods.More

Police: Sweeping 'Stingray' surveillance technology has no restrictions, despite serious privacy concerns
International Business Times
Dozens of state and municipal police departments are using controversial cellphone surveillance technology to carry out a variety of criminal investigations despite telling federal officials that the device, known as the "Stingray," is only meant to investigate terrorism, according to a new report.More

Talking with gangsters: Dos, don'ts and reasons you should
Conversing with gang members is about as appealing as doing your taxes. Gang members are criminals who don't like law enforcement and many in law enforcement don't have love for them, either. But like the tax rebate check you get as your reward for your labors at tax time, conversations with gang members can pay dividends.More

North Texas citizens police the police
A group called Cop Block has members following officers with cameras to record their every move, but Arlington police say they are creating potentially dangerous situations. It's a trend that's growing in Texas and across the country: citizens patrolling for police officers while those officers are patrolling the streets.More

Law enforcement says deadly force decisions the hardest
Law enforcement officers, at any time, could have to make split-second decision — when to use deadly force. Those who train officers to handle such situations says it is the toughest challenge those who carry a badge can face. Deputies train to be ready in case of danger. It's something that all law enforcement officers know they could face with little warning and train to be prepared.More

Your police department faces a crisis: 3 ways to fix it
Every law enforcement agency sooner or later has to contend with a community uproar, a reduction in the community's confidence in the agency, frustration among the line staff or a combination of all three. How leaders respond to these crisis management challenges is critical because, as history has shown, both within the law enforcement and the private sector, the greatest damage comes not from the incident that causes the crisis of confidence but how the response is managed. When faced with this type of challenge, here are three key actions to immediately implement.More

The next-generation tech helping police fight crime
While RoboCop-type solutions to law enforcement are not yet on the horizon, the Internet of Things (IoT) has quite a promising future in the ongoing fight against crime. Police departments across the globe are becoming growing adopters of technology, with prominent examples including the New York Police Department's testing of Google Glass and the Los Angeles Police Department's trial of on-body cameras.More

Integrating LIMS and evidence management
Automating the forensic lab is crucial for increasing productivity and saving time for other tasks. Many crime labs are acquiring technology platforms called Laboratory Information Management Systems, or LIMS. These applications provide the ability to collect the necessary data from scientific study and evaluation of evidence and aid in the delivery of the results for court proceedings.More