Texas Sheriffs Today
Sep. 11, 2015

More than $500,000 raised for Harris County sheriff's deputy killed at gas station
ABC News
Fundraising efforts for the family of the police officer who was shot at a gas station outside Houston have raised more than $500,000. Deputy Darren Goforth of the Harris County Sheriff's Office was killed at a gas station in Cypress in an apparent unprovoked attack on Aug. 28. Authorities said he was pumping gas into his car when he was shot 15 times.

A GoFundMe site has raised more than $307,771 in the past nine days. As of Monday afternoon, 4,396 people have donated to the page. Another fundraising effort has taken place at the Chevron gas station where Goforth was killed. Fundraising at the gas station has raised about $232,000, according to WFAA-TV.More

Video: Duval County sheriff's officer killed in wreck
A fiery accident Tuesday morning claimed the life of a Duval County sheriff's deputy. The single vehicle accident happened on FM 1329 just outside of San Diego. Joel Hinojosa, 43, was on his way home after just dropping off his four daughters at school. Hinojosa had been a correction officer since 2009. He was a graduate of San Diego High School. Hinojosa leaves behind a wife and four daughters.More

Governor orders state flags to half staff
Gov. Greg Abbott, in accordance with President Barack Obama's proclamation declaring Sept. 11 as Patriot Day and a national day of remembrance, has ordered all flags in Texas — including the State of Texas flag — to fly at half staff on Sept. 11.

"We will forever remember our fellow Americans who lost their lives or who were injured as a result of the horrific attack on Sept. 11, 2001," Abbott said. "We will always remember the first responders who ran toward danger to help those who were trapped or harmed."More

Kerr County sheriff: Time for people who support police to stand up
Sheriff Rusty Hierholzer of Kerr County, Texas, said it is time for the silent majority who support the good work of police to stand up and counter the narratives being spread through media and by the Obama administration. "We've had eight police officers killed in seven days in August, and the numbers keep rising," Hierholzer told the Hill Country Community Journal. "Despite what you might see on TV, it is a dangerous environment for law enforcement right now and we need the support of our communities and our governments."More

Authorities: 2 arrested in death of Abilene police officer
The Associated Press via CBS News
Police say two people have been arrested in the death of an off-duty Abilene police officer found dead in his West Texas home. Abilene Police Chief Stan Standridge said in a Thursday news conference that a 30-year-old woman and a 29-year-old man have been arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder. They are being held on $500,000 bond each.

Authorities say 27-year-old Officer Don Allen was found dead Monday night at his home near Clyde. Standridge had previously declined to say how the officer died. The results of a preliminary autopsy are pending.More

TCU campus police have suspect in fake Uber driver case
The Associated Press via CBS News
Police have identified a suspect in connection with a bizarre Sunday morning incident in which a man pretended to be an Uber driver before trying to hug a Texas Christian University student, according to a university spokesperson. Campus police used license plate information to narrow down their search, said Holly Ellman, the university's interim director of communication.More

Hunt County sheriff publishes op-ed: Police authority comes from God;
we can no longer be silent

BizPac Review
Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks said people must respect police because their authority comes not from government but from God. Meeks published an op-ed in the Herald Banner in Greenville after a grand jury cleared one of his officers of punching a pregnant Iraq war veteran and declared police authority comes from God.More

IIHS study: Speed cameras yield long-term safety benefits
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety via Officer.com
A speed-camera program in a large community near Washington, D.C., has led to long-term changes in driver behavior and substantial reductions in deaths and injuries, a study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety shows. Automated speed enforcement is gradually becoming more common around the country but remains relatively rare, with only 138 jurisdictions operating such programs as of last month.More

Mobile biometrics emerging in police work
By Archita Datta Majumdar
The evolving nature of crime has made it imperative for law enforcement agencies to keep themselves updated at all times. Police want faster, better and more effective capture of fingerprints and facial images — with the ability to transmit this information quickly across cellular networks. More government agencies and law enforcement departments around the world are turning to mobile biometrics for better and more efficient police work. More

Can supervisory style influence police officers' use-of-force behavior?
The police are formally trained to use force against individuals, and in doing so, they learn the details or differences in what is considered unnecessary and necessary force. The daily lives of American police officers have them struggling to find the appropriate ground in using the correct amount of force during their tactical duties. Use of force does not become a problem until the amount of force used becomes excessive or unnecessary. At this time, it may become a civil liability issue, which could cost a law enforcement agency a significant amount of money.More