Texas Sheriffs Today
Oct. 3, 2014

Commerce officers receive law enforcement awards
The Commerce Journal
Several area residents, including some Commerce Police Department officers, were recently recognized for what they have accomplished in their communities. The Law Enforcement Award was given to Lieutenant Jason Rector and Crime Prevention Officer Alex Suarez with the Commerce Police Department. Chief Kerry Crews explained Rector and Suarez were responsible for developing the department's CHAOS Summer Youth Program this summer.More

Popular West Texas sheriff ready to take on terrorists
Midland Reporter-Telegram
When Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter warned recently on national morning television that Muslim terrorists were sneaking in from Mexico and that he was ready to overcome them, most hometown folks took it in stride. Now in his 30th year in office, Painter represents what outsiders may imagine as the prototypical West Texas lawman: A towering figure in boots and a white Tony Lama hat. He is folksy in conversation and polite to old ladies — and he pulls no punches with his opinions.More

Kaufman County Sheriff's Office investigating boy's death
The Kaufman County Sheriff's Office is investigating the death of a 12-year-old Able Springs boy. According to Kaufman County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Captain Fred Klingelberger, the office received a 911 call from the boy's uncle and grandfather at approximately 10:20 a.m. after Terrell ISD officials notified the family the boy did not arrive at school.More

West Texas A&M police investigating sexual assault on campus
VideoBriefThe West Texas A&M Police Department is investigating claims of a sexual assault. According to campus police, they were notified of the alleged assault on Sept. 29.More

Per longtime friend, attorney general's replacement will be a woman
The Huffington Post
As the dust settled after the abrupt announcement of Attorney General Eric Holder's resignation, the speculation around who will assume the role as the nation's top justice official has started to swirl. According to someone who knew Holder well, prognosticators should trim their likely candidates — it will be a woman.More

Drones show high promise for assisting law enforcement
North Bay Business Journal
John Noland, a lieutenant with the Santa Rosa, California, police department, wrote a paper in 2012 on unmanned aerial vehicles in law enforcement for a college program on police management. And he sees great potential for the devices in police work. The 29-year law police veteran expects law enforcement to adopt small UAVs with Styrofoam wings for investigations and crime-scene mapping.More

Travis County sheriff: Much sorrow in search for senior deputy's body
The Associated Press via Jacksonville Progress
A tearful Travis County Texas sheriff told mourners how hard it was to tell the family of Senior Deputy Jessica Hollis that searchers hadn't managed to find her or her body on the day her patrol car was swept away in a flood. Speaking at Hollis' funeral, which drew peace officers from across Texas and beyond, Sheriff Greg Hamilton described the despair on the searchers' faces when they came up empty-handed.More

Whisper app used to document standoff with police
Business Insider
A man in Grand Prairie used the anonymous sharing app Whisper to document a standoff he was having with police, according to Whisper editor-in-chief Neetzan Zimmerman. The 33-year-old man has been now taken into custody after police used tear gas to force him out of his vehicle.More

Armstrong County sheriff's deputy cleared in death of suspect
A grand jury has declined to indict an Armstrong County sheriff's deputy who shot and killed a domestic violence suspect as the man assaulted a sheriff during booking. Deputy Fleta Barnett opened fire at the jail in Claude as Mitch Thompson, 52, attacked Armstrong County Sheriff J.R. Walker. The sheriff and Barnett on Aug. 31 responded to a domestic disturbance call in Claude and arrested Thompson, who authorities say used a knife to threaten his wife.More

Strong cologne gives away man trying to get away from Oregon police
A man's attempt to hide from police was apparently foiled by the strong scent of his cologne. Charles Agosto was allegedly speeding and failed to obey a traffic control device when Lebanon, Oregon, police tried to pull him over. Witnesses told police they saw someone run from the car. The strong scent of his cologne permeated the area.More

Will new privacy efforts by Apple and Google obstruct justice?
By Lauren Swan
For people who value their privacy, Apple and Google are going to provide them with just that. In their latest smartphone software, both tech companies have decided to encrypt the passwords so that they can no longer be bypassed by law enforcement, and this includes the FBI. Meanwhile, the FBI is claiming this new addition could cost lives, including kidnapping and terrorist cases. To be clear, law enforcement can still intercept conversations but cannot access call data, photos, contacts and email. Is this new turn for privacy a positive or negative situation?More

Social media policy strictness differs among police agencies
The Augusta Chronicle
The resignation of a Warrenton, Georgia, police officer for profanity-laced comments he made on his Facebook page put a spotlight on social media guidelines — or lack thereof — by law enforcement agencies.More