Texas Sheriffs Today
Nov. 28, 2014

Manslaughter charges in Harris County deputy's death
Houston Chronicle
Harris County prosecutors filed intoxication manslaughter charges against a woman accused of causing a crash last month that killed a Harris County sheriff's deputy. Kelly Jo Ivey, 29, was arrested after officials said she crashed into a sheriff's patrol car Oct. 28 along the 2300 block of E. Wallisville Road. The driver, Deputy Jesse Valdez, 32, was flown by air ambulance to the Texas Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.More

Former Galveston County sheriff's deputy killed in plane crash
Investigators in Lee County are trying to figure out what caused a plane to crash after leaving David Wayne Hooks Airport in Spring on a recent morning. The plane was heading to Austin and went down in Lee County, killing the pilot, 63-year-old Daniel Disbrow of Magnolia, who was also a former Galveston County sheriff's deputy from 1976 to 1988.More

Willacy County sheriff's deputy killed in rollover wreck
Within a two day span, law enforcement officers on the Texas border mourn the loss of one of their own who died in a fatal crash while thankful at the same time that another brother in arms survived a similar crash. Alejandro "Alex" Martinez, 52, a deputy with the Willacy County Sheriff's Office, was killed in a single vehicle crash southwest of Raymondville, Willacy County Sheriff Larry Spence.More

Texas sheriffs and cops: Key to immigration surge is the message
On the day after U.S. President Barack Obama announced his immigration executive action, some of the top law enforcement officials on the Texas border say that the key to avoiding a new immigration crisis lies on the message that gets taken back to other countries. "If the message taken back to those countries gets warped into 'hey come on the gates are open' we will see a new surge," said Hidalgo County Sheriff Eddie Guerra. "If Washington is not clear the human smuggling organizations will take advantage of that to warp the message and entice people to come."More

Victoria County Sheriff's Office interdiction unit continues to grow
The Victoria Advocate
For the past six years, Sgt. Craig Kirkpatrick has worked a solo interdiction operation with the Victoria County Sheriff's Office, a job he said he was born for. Seizing more than $8 million in drugs and currency, Kirkpatrick proved his worth over the years, but as Victoria continues to be used as a funnel in drug trafficking — and the savviness of criminals increases — it was time for the unit to grow. More

Department of Justice continues dialog with law enforcement management, labor leaders to find common ground on critical issues
U.S. Department of Justice
The U.S. Department of Justice's Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) recently reconvened police executives, labor leaders and other experts to discuss the role that labor/management relationships play in addressing current issues in policing to follow-up on a forum held in Washington, D.C., last April. The Police Executive Research Forum, with funding from the COPS Office arranged both the recent meeting and the previous meeting of the group.More

Lasers as training tools
We already know what the laser can do on the street. For training, it can do much more. The laser can predict the strike of the bullet. It is a great tool when an officer is unable to acquire sight alignment because of some mechanical reason. In training, the most popular use of a laser is as a diagnostic tool. Instructors cannot efficiently see what the student shooter sees and allow them to assume a "natural" shooting position, complete with sight picture and sight alignment.More

Education and training as a cornerstone to professional police service
The Police Chief Magazine
The professionalization of law enforcement encompasses a myriad of interrelated components, including the selection and recruitment of quality personnel; the integration of emerging scientific and technological developments; the use of evidence-based research related to the social sciences and proven crime-fighting initiatives; and the establishment and implementation of effective organizational structures designed to enhance public safety service delivery. Concomitant to each of these components is a requisite for effective, well-designed education and training of personnel at all levels of the organization.More

California sheriff dumps Facebook over lawsuit; gun parts dealer claims his free speech rights violated
The San Diego Union-Tribune
When someone posts an unflattering picture or nasty slur on your personal Facebook page, you delete it. But what happens when the Facebook page belongs to a public, taxpayer-funded agency? It's the question now facing a California sheriff's department, which took down its Facebook fan page two weeks ago after being sued by an outspoken gun parts dealer with a grudge. In a lawsuit filed Oct. 27 in San Diego federal court, Dimitrios Karras claims his First Amendment right to free speech was violated when the department deleted two Facebook posts that were critical of Sheriff Bill Gore and then banned him from further commenting.More