Texas Sheriffs Today
Dec. 26, 2014

Harris County deputy killed in head-on crash
VideoBrief From Oct. 31: A deputy with the Harris County Sheriff's Office was killed in a head-on crash Oct. 29. The sheriff's office has identified the fallen deputy as 32-year-old Jesse Valdez III. According to the sheriff's office, the crash happened in the early-morning hours as the deputy responded to a welfare check near Highlands in northeast Harris County. More

Traffic stop leads Webb County sheriff's deputies to more than
half a million dollars

From Nov. 21: Webb County Sheriff's Deputies detained two individuals following a traffic stop where thousands of dollars were found in their vehicle. Deputies patrolling the area conducted the traffic stop on Interstate 35 headed southbound, which led to the seizure of approximately half a million dollars. More

Officers chase 18-wheeler through 5 Texas counties
From Sept. 12: Police did not know what the man was hauling in his trailer, but after the driver of an 18-wheeler blew through a check point in Duval County, officers gave chase. According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the driver of the tractor trailer had been referred to a secondary inspection at the Freer Border Patrol Checkpoint after a K-9 alerted agents to the presence of narcotics or concealed humans inside the trailer. Instead of proceeding to the secondary inspection lane, however, the driver hit the gas pedal and hurtled the truck down the highway. More

No indictment for man who shot Burleson County deputy
VideoBrief From Feb. 7: Henry Magee was not indicted by a grand jury in the shooting that led to the death of Burleson County Sgt. Adam Sowders. At the time of the incident, Sowders was working with others to execute a search warrant for Magee's residence. The charge declined by the grand jury was capital murder.More

Montgomery County deputies on notice, as social media posts threaten 'purge night'
From Aug. 22: Is it a hoax or something more sinister? That's the question people who live in The Woodlands are asking after a series of online postings threatening a "purge night" in Texas. Montgomery County Sheriff's deputies tell KHOU-AM they are getting calls from worried residents. So far their investigation suggests the threat is not real — but not everyone is convinced. More

FBI warns of 'Feed Horn' scheme
From Jan. 3: The FBI warns that criminals are using aluminum foil to steal thousands of dollars from retail stores and gas stations. More

Texas court decides against cell phone searches by police
The Associated Press via KTVT-TV
From Feb. 28: In a decisive 8-1 ruling, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals said investigators must have a warrant in order to search the cell phones of suspects. The case stems from an incident where a student was arrested, and his phone was confiscated and later searched, while in custody. More

Sheriffs up in arms over National Guard deployment
Bloomberg via Portland Press Herald
From Aug. 15: Sheriffs are fuming over Gov. Rick Perry's failure to consult them before dispatching 1,000 National Guardsmen to bolster the border with Mexico. Local officers say they've confronted the daily fallout from a porous border and broken immigration system for decades, while the guard troops will lack authority to make arrests and are unfamiliar with the terrain. More

Friends, family mourn loss of Brownfield police officer
VideoBrief From Nov. 7: When Debbie Shedd noticed her son, 27-year-old Jeremy Shedd, had not returned to Lubbock from his Brownfield Police Department shift, her motherly instincts kicked in. She called Shedd's phone, and a police officer answered to confirm her worst fears. Police said 26-year-old Sergio Vazquez from Denver City was traveling south in his truck, when he crossed the median into Shedd's lane. They had a head-on collision, and both later died. More

Brooks County sheriff's deputy saves life of stranded illegal immigrant — 80 miles from the border
From Nov. 21: A Brooks County Sheriff's Office deputy rescued another illegal immigrant who had become lost, attempting to hike around the U.S. Border Patrol checkpoint located 13 miles south of Falfurrias. The immigrant had recently entered the country illegally after having been twice previously deported. More