Jan. 29, 2015

Where in the state is SCAPTA Annual Conference?
Calling all Carmen Sandiego fans! Registration is now open for the SCAPTA 2015 Annual Conference. Follow Carmen's on the Swamp Rabbit Trail to the Kroc Center in majestic Greenville, South Carolina, May 1-2. Registration, course information and vendor opportunities can be found at:

SCAPTA secretary position is currently open
Tauna Eaddy, the SCAPTA Secretary, has resigned her position in order to take a Neuro Research position at the University of Florida in Gainesville. We wish her success and our loss is Florida's gain. Due to her resignation, the SCAPTA secretary position is currently open. This position will be filled by an appointment from the SCAPTA BOD and will be for the remainder of her term until May 2015. Please contact Gretchen if you are interested in this position by no later than 12:00 noon on 2/9/15. More

Facility of the Month: Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System
"Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System's mission is to provide excellence in health. Our vision is to become a national leader in healthcare quality."

Tell us what you are doing now that is unique and innovative:
"We offer creative use of employer continuing education funds to promote professional development in our acute care and outpatient rehabilitation departments. Our clinical rehabilitation employees can choose to use their professional development funds towards membership dues to join their state and national organization to access evidence based and best practice continuing education opportunities for free or discounted rates. There are many webinars offered which can decrease cost of travel and time away from work. By supporting professional development through membership of state and national organizations, we promote professional growth of our therapists and delivering quality of care to our patients."More

SCAPTA Lowcountry District CEU event

Date: Wednesday, March 4
Time: 5:30 – 7:00
Topic: "Current Topics in Shoulder Pathology"
Speaker: Katherine Smith MPT, PCS
Location: Summerville Medical Center. Summerville, South Carolina
Refreshments provided
Free to members ($10 non-members)More

3 options you should consider when starting a PT practice
Owning your own PT practice could be a dream come true. But if you aren't sufficiently prepared, the process might end up feeling more like a nightmare. A crucial step in the planning process is determining your ownership approach and business structure. You'll need to decide whether to start a clinic from scratch, partner with a colleague or purchase an existing business.More

Aquatic therapy tips: Dominate your PT clinic niche by treating athletes
Many physical therapy clinics that offer aquatic therapy have discovered that treating athletes can be a lucrative way to dominate their — those individuals of all ages who have a penchant for working out but aren't making money on their sports — or elite professionals, they can boost a PT clinic's revenue stream considerably. The secret is to understand what they want, how to woo them and how to keep them involved.More

Resistance training effective in countering bone density loss, but only when combined with high-impact, weight-bearing exercise
PT in Motion
Nondrug approaches to preserving bone mineral density in women postmenopause can be effective — but only if the training includes high-impact or weight-bearing exercise in addition to progressive resistance training, according to a new meta-analysis of 24 studies.More

Survey finds most patients willing to have online video doctor visits
A majority of U.S. residents are willing to use an online video for a physician visit, according to a Harris Poll survey, MobiHealthNews reports. Overall, the survey found about 64 percent respondents were willing see a doctor via an online video consult. Of those, 61 percent listed convenience as a factor. More

How motivational interviewing can help reach noncompliant patients
Medical Economics
For as long as primary care has existed, there have been patients who did not, would not, or (so they thought) could not follow doctors' advice. Despite hearing physicians' warnings or even experiencing health consequences, these patients might continue to smoke, eat a poor diet, avoid exercise, skip medications or otherwise sabotage their own well-being. But innovative physicians have been honing techniques to reach these most difficult patients.More

5 key attributes of effective leaders
By Betty Boyd
Do you have what it takes to be a leader? Not everyone can or should be a leader. It takes a lot of extra work and stress — everyone is looking to you for every important decision. Leadership is also not one-size-fits-all. Leaders must make a commitment not only to themselves, but also to others. So what does it take to be an effective leader? Here are five key attributes.More