SCWA Today
Feb. 25, 2015


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Blazing new employment trails
Professional Carwashing & Detailing
For car wash operators, recruiting and retaining top talent for positions across the board can be tough. Within a weather-dependent industry, and with labor as the biggest (and most controllable) expense, how do companies position themselves as "employers of choice" and compete within the workforce pool? In this article, Mister Car Wash leaders reveal their mission-centered strategy for doing just that.More

LCRA: Current drought worst on record for Central Texas
The ongoing drought impacting Central Texas’ Highland Lakes is the worst the region has experienced since the lakes were built in the 1930s, according to data from the Lower Colorado River Authority presented at a Wednesday meeting. Preliminary LCRA data shows the Highland Lakes are in a new "critical period," drier than the 1947-57 drought previously considered the worst on record. The Highland Lakes include lakes Travis, Buchanan, Inks, LBJ and Austin. Lakes Travis and Buchanan serve as the primary water supply for the city of Austin and several other Central Texas cities.More

Commercial work — Assess each opportunity carefully
Auto Laundry News
For many years, most of the work detail businesses did was for auto dealers who demanded quality work for a low price. The detail industry was, in a sense, a slave to the auto dealer. However, with the growing popularity of auto detail services for consumers and the entrance of business people into the industry, times have changed. Smart business people, who knew the cost of operations, and refused to do dealer work at low prices while others stood their ground and demanded better prices to do the work and to create an excellent revenue source all year.More

Mercedes recalls 147,000 cars in US for engine fire risk
Daimler AG's Mercedes-Benz is recalling more than 147,000 midsize sedans and station wagons from 2013-2015 to check for risk of engine fires, the U.S. safety regulator said Feb. 21. The cars have a rubber seal in the engine compartment that can fall onto the exhaust system, increasing the risk of an under-hood fire, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.More

Bring balance to your marketing budget
Professional Carwashing & Detailing
Car care professionals are continually tasked with figuring out which marketing messages and channels will make the biggest impact for their businesses. Learning to navigate the marketing landscape — while abundant with opportunity — feels like a full-time job in and of itself. Sure, it’s tempting to hop on the bandwagon of the newest flashy trend, but putting all of your proverbial eggs in one basket can hurt your bottom line over the long haul. With so much competition, that’s not a risk you can afford.More

Car wash offers work and hope for adults with autism
Mother Nature Network
Florida's Rising Tide Car Wash is not your average car wash business. What makes them stand apart from the rest is not their services or even their prices. It's their employees: 80 percent of them have autism. Rising Tide was launched by a father-son team in 2013 with one major goal in mind — to help people with autism find meaningful work as adults. The reason that John and Tom D'Eri are so passionate about helping adults with autism is Andrew. John's son and Tom's younger brother, Andrew was diagnosed with autism at age three. More

Opinion of value: Guidance in a sale or purchase
Auto Laundry News
An opinion of value report (OVR) is an estimate of a commercial property’s current fair market value based upon an assessment of market and property conditions that affect its commercial value. Fair market value is defined as the price at which a business would change hands between a buyer and seller that are both willing and knowledgeable. An OVR is prepared when an owner is seriously considering the possibility of selling and, while not intended to be definitive, frequently provides that owner with guidance on when and how to proceed. More

Fate, Texas, officials review storm water permit
Rockwall County Herald-Banner
During a recent meeting of the Fate (Texas) City Council, the council discussed a new Municipal Separate Storm Water Systems Permit. An overview of the permit explains that it was authorized through the Clean Water Act and the Texas Water Code and authorizes the release and capture of storm water in the city.More

Ex-Danny's Car Wash owner to report to prison by March 23
The Associated Press via The Arizona Republic
The former owner of a Phoenix car wash chain must report to prison by March 23 to start serving a one-year sentence for his acknowledged role in a scheme to hire hundreds of workers who weren't in the country legally. Daniel Lewis Hendon, the former owner of Danny's Family Car Wash, received the sentence plus another year of home confinement when he was punished in November.More