SCWA Today
May. 29, 2013

Debate begins anew with special session
Austin American-Statesman
No sooner had the gavels fallen to end a 140-day biennial legislative session marked by a rare degree of consensus than Gov. Rick Perry recently called an immediate special session on redistricting. Within a half-hour, the Senate was launched into a bitter partisan debate over whether rule changes for the special session would empower Republicans to roll over Democrats not just on redistricting, but on a host of hot-button issues that fell by the wayside in the regular session.More

Coleman Hanna announces personnel changes
Professional Carwashing & Detailing
Jean de Negri, Ted Winchester and Wayne Smith have all been named to key positions at Coleman Hanna, according to a company press release. The May 24 press release stated that Negri will serve as international sales manager, Winchester will be vice president of sales and marketing, and Smith will serve as vice president of national accounts and distributor development.More

Multiply your message and make the most of your marketing efforts
By Cindy Woudenberg
Customers now have the ability to interact with information about your business in the digital world. They oftentimes encounter your brand and message through social media and make prospective buying decisions and other engagements before getting to the actual sales process. In order to capitalize on this environment, you need to control and push your message through a variety of platforms to drive your site traffic and conversions to make the most of your marketing efforts.More

Milk: Good for your bones and ... car?
Car washes are all pretty standard, aren't they? Sure, marketing theory necessitates some sort of diversity among competitors, but there's not much you can do beyond lowering prices or having eye-catching employees. Wax is wax, and high-pressure water is high-pressure water, right? Well, one car wash owner in China has started using a more novel cleaning product: milk.More

Why small businesses have trouble getting credit
Small Business Trends
Only one third of small business owners were able to obtain all of the credit that their businesses need, a recent National Federation of Independent Business survey shows. The survey's finding is not surprising. Many economists, policy makers and small business advocacy groups have long explained that small businesses have a harder time obtaining credit than their larger counterparts. When it comes to accessing capital, size definitely matters.More

Pricing strategies: Make it simple and easy to understand
Auto Laundry News
In today's tunnel market there are two distinct segments that require different approaches when designing a pricing strategy. In one segment, the express or mini tunnel, you have to put together a strategy that competes more directly with the in-bay automatic market while the other segment, the full-service/flex wash, must consider each other as their competition. Probably the most important element of the marketing/sales effort at a tunnel car wash is the strategy used to design the pricing structure.More

5 secrets for motivating your staff
American Express OPEN Forum
Running a small business means relying on others to make your dreams come true, and the quality of your team's work will match the quality of how you motivate them. The following five secrets for motivating staff are the same ones used by pros throughout the business world. More

Bottom line: 7 steps to improve yours
Auto Laundry News
There's a lot of new technology hitting the professional car wash industry. New and exciting application processes and chemical improvements are everywhere. New drying systems able to deliver a surface so dry that customers are paying extra for it a la carte are becoming commonplace. More

Wash for West Campaign from I Wash & Go in Burleson, Texas
I Wash & Go
I Wash & Go writes, "During the aftermath of the explosion that rocked West, Texas, the images touched us personally. We took an initiative and began a two week campaign to raise money for their relief efforts."More

For the future of immigration reform, look to 1986
National Journal
"This committee is going down the same road that we did in 1986. I was there. I lived it," said Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, the ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee and one of its longest-serving members. He was talking about two immigration bills — one approved by the committee this past week and another signed into law nearly 30 years ago by President Ronald Reagan. The rest of Grassley's quote went like this: "We screwed up. We shouldn't do it again." He was articulating an often-used argument against the current immigration proposal by citing problems resulting from the 1986 measure, which legalized 3 million unauthorized immigrants and created the I-9 employment-verification system. Grassley is correct that the Senate's immigration bill follows the same basic outline as the 1986 law.More

Life-changing car wash resolves permitting issue
VideoBriefA nonprofit group has resolved a car wash permitting issue with the city of Tallahassee, Fla. Teen Challenge operated the car wash on West Tennessee Street to help young men overcome drug and alcohol addiction. City inspectors sent the group a voluntary compliance notice in April. Since that time, Teen Challenge has taken down a carport and a couple of signs to comply with the order. The group is now working with Florida's Department of Environmental Protection to voluntarily comply with water treatment issues.More

Texas water fund heads to statewide vote in November
After many delays, funding for the Texas State Water Plan has been approved in the Legislature and now heads to a state wide vote in November. The State Water Plan is designed to meet water needs during times of drought. Its purpose is to ensure that cities, rural communities, farms, ranches, businesses and industries have enough water during a repeat of the 1950s drought conditionsMore

Pet washes are a good thing
Professional Carwashing & Detailing
Can we say it all together? Four-legged friendly! Four-legged friendly! Four-legged friendly! If you haven't caught the wave yet, get ready for the rush. The pet wash industry is soaring. One year ago the pet wash industry was just awakening, just starting to make its mark. Today we are noticing that the simple novelty of a pet wash has morphed into a bonafide industry of its own. More

Your energy affects your team
Have you ever considered how your energy affects everyone around you? Think about it from the vantage of being the owner of a company. When you walk in the door, all eyes are on you and your employees' antennae are up looking for any sign of something being not quite right. No pressure, eh? When you're the boss, there are going to be many times when you've gotta put on your "game face" because your energy affects everyone and everything.More

Frisco car wash cleans up act, pays employees back
Business Management Daily
Genter's Detailing in Frisco has agreed to pay $22,345 to its employees follow­ing a U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division investigation. The investigation revealed that the car wash and auto detailer regularly reduced the wages of 53 current and former employees by $200 to $400 for costs allegedly associated with damage to vehicles under their care. Those deductions resulted in the employees' pay falling below $7.25 per hour, the federal minimum wage, in violation of the Fair Labor Standards ActMore