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Oct. 22, 2014

Pictures from the San Antonio Car Wash Tour

Click here to view pictures from the San Antonio Car Wash Tour, held on October 14, 2014.More

Mister Car Wash celebrates new Tucson, Arizona, headquarters
Arizona Daily Star
Mister Car Wash, the biggest car wash chain in the nation, recently unveiled its new national headquarters in a renovated historic building at 222 E. Fifth St in Tucson, Arizona. Eighty of the company's Tucson-based staffers welcomed nearly 200 guests, many of whom took tours of the recently completed 25,000-square-foot building downtown, which was built in 1952 by the First Baptist Church.More

New wash in Texas will feature 145-foot tunnel
Professional Carwashing & Detailing
Dreamwash Auto Spa will open a new car wash in February, according to owner Arshad Niaz. The company recently completed purchase of the land for the new facility, which will include a 145-foot express tunnel and 20 free self-serve vacuums, said Niaz. More

Car Wash Barn pledges November proceeds to Fort Hood memorial
Killeen Daily Herald
In November, proceeds from every car wash at the Car Wash Barn will help fund the construction of the Nov. 5, 2009, Fort Hood Shooting Memorial. Ian Streckel, Car Wash Barn community coordinator, said the business selects a charity to donate proceeds from its car washes to every year. "This year we wanted to do something for this community that would really benefit the people living here," he said. "We heard about the memorial and how it still hasn’t raised enough money to be built. We decided that was the fundraiser we wanted to do this year."More

Mister Car Wash celebrates new Tucson, Arizona, headquarters
Arizona Daily Star
Mister Car Wash, the biggest car wash chain in the nation, recently unveiled its new national headquarters in a renovated historic building at 222 E. Fifth St in Tucson, Arizona. More

Sentencing in fatal Texas car wash shooting
Investigators say a New Boston, Texas, teenager and some of his friends found a gun in a truck they were detailing. That's when the gun accidentally went off. Semaj Williams was fatally shot in the head. The final chapter in this sad story occurred recently.More

Long-forecast El Nino still in the bullpen
USA Today
Forget Godot, we're still waiting for El Nino. So when will it finally start? "El Nino is favored to begin in the next 1-2 months and last into the Northern Hemisphere spring 2015," the federal Climate Prediction Center announced Oct. 9 in its monthly El Nino update.More

Wichita Falls, Texas, car washes may get city water through January
Wichita Falls car owners might be able to continue to wash their cars at local car washes, even if the lake levels fall to 20 percent. That is because regardless of whether lakes keep falling in level, the city is suspending enforcement through next January.More

Setting social media etiquette
Professional Carwashing & Detailing
Like children with a shiny new toy, adults introduced to social media jumped in and started playing: posting personal photos to Facebook, accepting requests for "friendship" from long-lost high school pals and checking into everywhere from the coffee shop to their favorite local eatery. Suddenly we were getting an inside look into the lives of people we hadn’t connected with in years. But unlike a new toy, social media didn’t come with any real instructions. More

El Nino vs. the polar vortex: Which will rule winter?
Mother Nature Network
Overall, forecasters expect mild winter conditions across much of the United States, scientists with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said as they issued their annual winter weather outlook. Developing El Nino conditions in the Pacific Ocean will influence this year's winter weather, with wet conditions forecast from Southern California to South Carolina, and dry conditions expected across the North.More

Are you being triangulated?
By Roger Daviston
As leaders, we are extremely vulnerable to being triangulated, and it's unhealthy for the unity of a company. If you are constantly fixing relational problems that others should fix for themselves, you are probably being triangulated. What causes triangulation? Triangulation is caused by failure to resolve conflict in a direct manner, and it is simply a problem with boundaries. Triangulation involves a cast of three characters: the villain, the victim and the rescuer.More

Keyless entry systems are causing driverless car wash crashes
Mr. C's car wash in downtown Detroit has a problem. When employees put a car equipped with a door keypad on the conveyor, the brushes are registered as button presses. After a few invalid codes, the doors lock up, and a driverless car is rolling out of the wash. Yes, the law of unintended consequences is alive and well.More

The car wash from 'Breaking Bad' stars in a New Mexico campaign ad
The Washington Post
If you asked Americans to rank electoral contests based on how little they paid attention to them, state auditor races wouldn't remember they existed until they reached the middle of the list, by which point they would already be asleep. So, if state auditor candidates want people to pay attention to their campaigns, they need to bedazzle their efforts a bit with a few artifacts of home-state pride or pop culture. If you're a state auditor candidate in New Mexico, that means making "Breaking Bad" references.More