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Oct. 31, 2012

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SCWA Houston Car Wash Tour & Regional Meeting
Join us Nov. 8 to tour Houston car washes highlighting the different car wash business and operational models. Your registration includes a morning workshop, lunch and the car wash tour.
Preregister today to reserve your seat on the tour and lunch.

SCWA 2013 Convention & Expo
The countdown has begun to "Celebrate SCWA 25!"
Come celebrate the 25th Annual SCWA Convention at the 2013 SCWA Convention & Car Wash Expo. It will be a special time of looking back as well as looking ahead.
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NFIB health care solutions
National Federation of Independent Business
Small business needs Congress to replace the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act with real health care reform that helps address the No. 1 problem small businesses face — the high cost of health insurance. In the following article, the National Federation of Independent Business outlines some of the components that should be part of a health care replacement strategy.More

Texas' high court upholds franchise tax
CBS News
The Texas Supreme Court recently upheld the state's much-maligned business tax that provides the second-biggest source of general revenue, preserving current rules for now before lawmakers potentially overhaul the law next year. More

Tighter conservation water rules needed
San Antonio Express-News
Mike Mecke, a retiree of the San Antonio Water System and Texas Water Resources Institute, writes, "In light of the continuing rapid growth of Bexar County and the San Antonio Water System's customer base, plus the ongoing climate change effects upon our region, we should consider that what is now Stage I should become the "new normal" for SAWS. If our city and region are to continue to prosper economically and if Texas is to be sustainable with its limited water resources, then residents of the San Antonio region must learn to conserve water all the time, not just during a drought."More

A smile and a hug — engage with your customers in a consistent manner
Auto Laundry News
Not all customers are created equal. It's easy to smile and give a mental hug to the 20 percent of your customers who are contributing 80 percent of your revenue. Unfortunately, for many service businesses, we exhaust ourselves by catering to the 80 percent and, after time, no longer even see the top 20 percent. Step back for a second. Look at your customers. Do you feel like you want to give them all a smile and a hug while thanking them for their business?More

Texas economy thriving
VideoBriefThe Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts says it's a wonderful time to be alive in the State of Texas. Susan Combs says Texas has led and continues to lead the country in job creation, and she doesn't understand how or why anyone would want to live or work anywhere else. Comptroller Susan Combs says the success the state has experienced is long term and not a bubble, and that sales tax revenues in the state of Texas have been up 30 months in a row.More

Car washes packed with customers after recent dust storm
KRMG Radio
Oct. 19 would have been a great day to be owner of a car wash after a dust storm the day before. However, it may not have been such a great day to be a worker at one. The Mr. Klean Car Wash at 71st and Sheridan in Tulsa, Okla., was jammed with customers from the time their doors opened Friday morning. "I figured we'd be busy, but not from the time we opened, ALL day," said Mr. Klean manager Katie Short.More

Business owners can expect change with health care law
The Monitor
A lot of things have been said, pro and con, about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, but no one has said it's "easy to understand." The purpose of the legislation is to cut down on how many people are uninsured in the United States, with the aim of creating not only a healthier population, but also of lowering health care costs. As it pertains to your business or company, large or small, the following article cannot attempt to consider every possible formula and contingency. Still, it will hit the basics and should give business owners an idea of what's coming.More

Judge says swipe-fee settlement appears to meet preliminary approval requirements
A federal judge recently said a pending $7.25 billion settlement between merchants and Visa Inc., MasterCard Inc. and several large banks appears to meet requirements for preliminary approval. U.S. District Court Judge John Gleeson, though, noted in an order the threshold for preliminary approval of proposed class-action settlements is "meaningfully lower" than that for final approval. The deal, announced in July, would allow the payment networks and several banks that issue their cards to resolve litigation that has lingered since 2005 over the fees merchants pay to accept credit cards, known as interchange or swipe fees. But the settlement has reignited a long-standing battle between merchants and the credit-card industry.More

SBA reports more small business loans, lower dollar amounts
Corpus Christi Caller-Times
Small Business Administration figures show the Lower Rio Grande Valley District — a 14-county area stretching from the Coastal Bend to the Rio Grande Valley in Texas — is 1 of 5 of the more than 60 districts in the country that logged a year-over-year increase in the number of loans approved through the agency's programs. Though banks lent less money under SBA programs from year to year, the increased number of loans signals more availability of credit for small businesses, said Sylvia Zamponi, SBA Lower Rio Grande Valley District director.More