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Dec. 30, 2014

Karl Rove to Keynote SCWA 2015 Convention

SCWA is excited to announce Karl Rove will be the keynote speaker during the Monday morning session of the 2015 SCWA Convention & Car Wash EXPO.

Karl Rove — "The Architect" One of the World's Foremost Political and Communication Strategists

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Pictures from the San Antonio Car Wash Tour
Click here to view pictures from the San Antonio Car Wash Tour, held on October 14, 2014.More

The truth in credit card processing!
From Aug. 13: So, you have done your research and you think you have the best deal for accepting credit cards. You have signed up, you are processing for a few months and you realize when you look over your statement that it’s not what you were told or thought it would be. Bam! Taken advantage of again. Well, let me tell you, you are not alone.

There are a few factors to look for when considering a switch. But first stop doing the following, outlined in this piece. More

Nation's Largest Car Wash Chain, Mister Car Wash, Acquired by Leonard Green & Partners
Mister Car Wash
From Aug. 27: Mister Car Wash, the largest car wash chain in the United States, was acquired Aug. 21 by Leonard Green & Partners LP, one of the nation’s preeminent private equity firms, announced Mister Car Wash’s president and chief executive officer, John Lai.More

Car washes feeling singled out in Wichita Falls, Texas-area
From Oct. 29: After Wichita Falls, Texas, city councilors voted to extend the deadline for car washes to be off city water, even if lakes hit 20 percent, some car wash operators are still upset that they may be cut off at all. Jim Caddotte, manager of All American Car Wash, says he feels the time frame given by city councilors is fine. But he says being the only type of business facing a cut off of city water is a tough pill to swallow.More

Deduct or capitalize: Newer new rules for repair costs
Auto Laundry
From May 7: Since the inception of the Internal Revenue Code, the IRS and car wash operators and other business owners have been at odds over whether expenditures are currently deductible or whether they must be capitalized and recovered through depreciation over time. Now, after seven years of drafts and proposed rules, the IRS has issued final regulations addressing whether a cost is a deductible repair or a capital expenditure. The IRS has also released a long-awaited Revenue Procedure that details the procedures necessary to obtain the "automatic" consent of the IRS to change accounting methods as required by the new repair regulations.More

New business model improves sales at car wash
Professional Carwashing & Detailing
From June 4: Tiger Express Wash has seen an uptick in sales since the owner, Roland Bartels, changed the business model two years ago after buying out his partner, according to the Columbia Daily Tribune. Gone were self-serve bays, at the four washes he owned, and in was a monthly membership program, where customers can wash their vehicle as often as they want at the Tiger locations.More

What customers really think about car washes
Professional Carwashing & Detailing
From April 30: As a business owner, do you ever wonder why it is people aren't visiting your carwash or detail center? Or, do you wonder what it is people like, or don't like about your services? Any kind of feedback, whether it's constructive criticism, straight-up praise or heated ire can make your business better., which can often be your greatest friend, or worst enemy, can be helpful, but can also be interfused with false reviews, or one-time customers who were maybe just having a bad day.More

New wash in Texas will feature 145-foot tunnel
Professional Carwashing & Detailing
From Oct. 22: Dreamwash Auto Spa will open a new car wash in February, according to owner Arshad Niaz. The company recently completed purchase of the land for the new facility, which will include a 145-foot express tunnel and 20 free self-serve vacuums, said Niaz.More

After lawsuits with UT and contractor, car wash seeks bankruptcy protection
Austin Business Journal
From April 2: In the wake of court battles with a contractor and the University of Texas at Austin, Cedar Park's Tower Car Wash Inc. has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The car wash reported $4.4 million in assets and $3.8 million in debts, according to court documents. The largest creditors are Texas First Bank at $1.5 million and Texas Certified Development Corp. with a mortgage loan worth almost $900,000. Both Texas First and Texas Certified Development hold secured claims with land, the building and equipment listed as collateral.More

Business slow? 4 tips to make you more successful today
Auto Laundry News
From June 11: For many, the financial crisis of 2007-2008 is a fading memory. For others, vacant lots and boarded up houses serve as daily reminders that the return to better days is still a work in progress. For all of us, there's a lot to learn from operators that successfully reinvented their washes to not only survive, but ultimately prosper in some of the most challenging markets following the crash. It's wise to have a plan for the next inevitable slowdown, and these best practices can elevate the value proposition you deliver to your customer, earn their loyalty, and build a foundation for a stronger business.More