Warfield Weekly Update
Jan. 17, 2014

Finally — a painless biopsy for skin cancer
Physicians News Digest
Clinical diagnosis of melanoma and other skin cancers still is performed primarily by sight. Since even the most sophisticated eye is fallible, there is a chance that skin cancer may be visually diagnosed as benign, while conversely a benign mole might be unnecessarily biopsied. As reported in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, nearly 80 percent of all skin biopsies performed in primary care are benign.More

Dermoscopy useful in pinpointing carcinoma types
Dermatology Times
Dermoscopy can be a useful and reliable tool to differentiate between superficial basal cell carcinoma and other basal cell carcinoma subtypes, according to a recent study. More

FDA approves combo treatment for melanoma
Dermatology Times
The Food and Drug Administration has approved GlaxoSmithKline's Mekinist for use in combination with Tafinlar as a possible treatment for patients suffering from inoperable melanoma and certain types of metastatic melanoma. The combination of drugs was approved through the FDA's Accelerated Approval program and given Priority Review status. The approval is dependent on the results of an ongoing trial, which is designed to determine the benefit of the drug combination among this patient population. More

Scientist identifies pivotal cellular protein underlying eczema
La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology via Medical News Today
Researchers from the La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology have revealed a critical player in the cellular interactions leading to eczema — a chronic inflammatory skin condition affecting more than 14 million U.S. children and adults.More

Psoriasis registry: Tool for comparing effectiveness, safety of therapies
Skin Inc.
To advance understanding of psoriasis and help scientists and clinicians improve treatments and patient outcomes, the National Psoriasis Foundation and the Consortium of Rheumatology Researchers of North America Inc. will create the first psoriasis registry co-developed and co-administered by a nonprofit.More

Stem cell answer to beat the bald
CosmeticsDesign.com USA
A trio of studies have delved into the regeneration of hair follicles and described some of the factors that determine when hair grows, when it stops growing and when it falls out.More

Looking younger for longer
Newcastle University via Medical News Today
Newcastle University researchers have identified an antioxidant Tiron, which offers total protection against some types of sun damage and may ultimately help our skin stay looking younger for longer. Publishing in The FASEB Journal, the authors describe how in laboratory tests, they compared the protection offered against either UVA radiation or free radical stress by several antioxidants, some of which are found in foods or cosmetics.More

Facial redness takes emotional toll on rosacea patients
Skin Inc.
The emotional impact of rosacea is often substantial regardless of subtype or severity, according to results of a new survey of 1,675 rosacea patients conducted by the National Rosacea Society.More

Acne treatments recommended by skin specialists — do they work?
Nearly 85 percent of the world's population will have acne at some point in their lifetime. This means that only a lucky few escape this dermatological issue. Getting a pimple once in a while can be managed with face wash or home remedies. It is only when they become a menace and refuse to go away do you have to look for treatment options. Dr. Kiran Lohia lists out new advancements in eradicating acne and giving you flawless skin.More

Hope vs. hype: What procedures really get rid of cellulite
Can lotions and creams reduce cellulite? What about liposuction? The Washingtonian asked skin care experts to tell us what really works.More

SCC staging update defines high-risk tumors
Dermatology Times
A new tumor staging system for cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma recently has been put forward that, according to one recent study, it improves prognostic discrimination by more precisely defining the small subset of tumors with a high risk of metastatic and death.More

10 things your dermatologist can do to make you look younger, faster
If dermatologists wore black capes instead of white coats, you might mistake them for magicians. The experts wave infrared wands and prescribe seemingly supernatural ingredients, radically reversing signs of aging.More

5 facial plastic surgery predictions for 2014
Skin Inc.
Plastic surgery is back. The number of people undergoing cosmetic plastic surgery plummeted after the economic recession of 2008, but the most recent figures suggest that a double-digit comeback is underway. Here's what top facial plastic surgeons predict we will be seeing more of — and less of — this year.More

The chosen few: Clinical pearls from Juvederm Voluma XC early adopters
Plastic Surgery Practice
Allergan Inc.'s Juvederm Voluma XC now is the only soft-tissue filler in the U.S. to be the approved by the federal Food and Drug Administration to temporarily correct age-related volume loss in the cheek area in adults over the age of 21. Plastic Surgery Practice editorial advisory board member Dr. Joe Niamtu IIII is familiar with the new filler. "The FDA approval of the new filler Juvederm Voluma XC is exciting as it represents a unique situation where a specific filler was developed for a very specific treatment application," says Niamtu.More

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