Warfield Weekly Update
April 1, 2011

Warfield to teach at medical esthetic seminar
The International Congress of Esthetics and Spa
Miami Beach Convention Center
Sunday, April 3, 2011
Class D-240

2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Legal and Liability Issues of a Medical Spa
by Susanne S. Warfield
This presentation provides the current or prospective medical spa owner with a checklist of legal and liability issues that need to be examined. Warfield reviews federal and state issues and discusses the use of medical devices and scope of practice in an organized way to ensure understanding. The most important step in your business plan is to find out what you don't know, and then follow up with your legal advisor to work out the details!
The COA has approved this class for 1 CE

3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Laser Light Technologies and you-the Esthetician!
by Susanne S. Warfield
As new devices continue to emerge, the esthetician must know where to go and what to do. Learning anatomy and physiology is not enough anymore, and few states have enacted training requirements or updated their curriculums. Learn to ask the right questions of the manufacturers and distributors of these devices and get the information you need to make better decisions. This class provides an overview of legal situations and cases that you can use to protect your future!
The COA has approved this class for 1 CEMore

Oklahoma licenses legislative alert
In an effort to consolidate regulating boards in Oklahoma, Senator Jolly & Shannon of the House sponsored a bill creating the Office of Business and Professional Facilitation within the Department of Commerce which "shall regulate and have supervisory authority over all employees and subjects of licensure, registration, certification and accreditation." That includes 40 different trades, including licensing of estheticians, cosmetologists and the other nine licenses overseen by the Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology.More

National Esthetic Teacher Training (NETT) Conference - May 21-23, 2011
Click here to view program and to register.

Who Should Attend?
The National Esthetic Teacher Training (NETT) Conference is open to all current and future skin care educators. Whether you work in a school or as a national trainer for a company, this conference will provide you with additional skills to be the best
that you can be.

Why Should I Attend?
This event was created for you! NETT will give you the edge, recharge your classroom and rejuvenate your students! If you can only attend one conference this year - this is it!

What Will I Learn?
NETT is focusing on topics that will affect you and your student’s future! Providing up-to-date information and the tools to upgrade your knowledge and your esthetics program.More

Beat the wrinkles... put snail slime on
The Sun
A face cream made of snail slime is tipped to go on sale in Britain. Capibell Cream promises to nourish skin and iron out wrinkles. It was developed by Laboratorios Lissia in Colombia—where snails are bred for use in aquariums—after people who handle them discovered their hands were left plump and silky soft. The cream is the latest in a string of unusual treatments, including a skin serum made of snake venom and spas that use fish to nibble away rough skin on feet. More

FDA approves new treatment for late-stage skin cancer
Formulary via Modern Medicine
FDA has approved ipilimumab (Yervoy, Bristol-Myers Squibb) to treat patients with late-stage (metastatic) melanoma, the most dangerous type of skin cancer. Melanoma is the leading cause of death from skin disease. Figures from the National Cancer Institute indicate an estimated 68,130 new cases of melanoma were diagnosed in the United States during 2010 and approximately 8,700 people died from the disease. More

Hair transplants up, some baldness drugs may be dangerous
The Huffington Post
More and more men are going under the knife in pursuit of a full head of hair, new data shows. The report found that 13,000 American men had hair replacement surgery in 2010, up by 2 percent from the previous year. Hair transplants—which typically involve moving a skin graft from a part of the scalp with lots of hair to one that's thinning—are now the fifth most common cosmetic plastic surgical procedure in men. More

Seeing others scratch can trigger your own itch
HealthDay via U.S. News & World Report
Seeing other people scratching can cause your brain to trigger your own itch, researchers suggest. The team at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center investigated the causes of what's known as "contagious itch." More

Spring break prompts dangerous tanning
Medical News Today
Spring break and prom season often bring social occasions that can entice students to turn to tanning beds in search of that head-to-toe glow. Women ages 18 to 25 are the fastest-growing group for a new diagnosis of skin cancer, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Why? At this age, women prioritize their appearances and they feel they are invincible. More