Warfield Weekly Update
April 16, 2010

New study evaluates effectiveness of vitamins for the treatment of sun-damaged skin
Medical News Today
While everyone knows that getting an adequate daily dose of vitamins and minerals is important in maintaining one's overall health, many question whether or not the vitamins touted in skin care products work in reducing the signs of sun-damaged skin. Now, a new study reviews the currently published scientific literature to determine what evidence exists to support the use of vitamins in skin care products to slow or reverse the effects of sun damage.More

Lipodissolve warning by FDA
Yahoo! Health
The FDA issued warning letters to spas that administer lipodissolve injections, a nonsurgical version of liposuction, stating that these spas are making false and misleading claims because the drugs used in these treatments have not been proven safe or effective.More

A facelift, revisited
Vogue magazine
After almost twenty years and two facelifts, one woman discovers new-generation dermatologic treatments that compliment surgical procedures without having a repeat operation.More

The National Esthetic Teacher Training (NETT) Conference

Who Should Attend?
The National Esthetic Teacher Training (NETT) Conference is open to all current and future skin care educators.

Why Should I Attend? This event was created for you! NETT will give you the edge, recharge your classroom and rejuvenate your students! If you can only attend one conference this year - this is it!

What Will I Learn? NETT is focusing on topics that will affect you and your student’s future! Providing up-to-date information and the tools to upgrade your knowledge and your esthetics program.

Click Here for Full Program Details. More

Triumph, as face transplant is a success
TMN News
It sounds like something from a science fiction movie, but this is no film. A team of plastic surgeons in Boston has managed to perform a partial face transplant. The operation, which took seventeen hours, replaced the patient's nose, upper lip and palate. The decision was made to carry out the transplant after previous surgery hadn't achieved the desired effect and the man was still badly disfigured.More

Patient education can be low-key marketing tool
American Medical News
Sometimes the best way to promote yourself is to educate patients about their health and how you can improve it. But that salesmanship is tricky. If efforts to teach about medical conditions and their treatments look too much like marketing, they will fall flat, experts say. Outside of a usual patient visit, education can mean providing free screenings in the office or at health events, speaking to community groups and linking to health information on a practice's Web site. More

It's not just a guy thing: Treating hair loss in women is focus of Mayo Clinic Health Letter
Medical News Today
Hair loss happens to women, too. The April issue of Mayo Clinic Health Letter covers the most common cause of hair loss in women and treatment options. More

Complications in hair restoration surgery are often avoidable
Cosmetic Surgery Times
Follicular unit hair transplantation has a favorable safety profile, thanks in part to the remarkable healing qualities of the scalp and use of proper aseptic and surgical techniques. As with all surgeries, however, a number of complications can occur. More