Warfield Weekly Update
Jun. 15, 2012

Aspirin found to protect against melanoma
Skin & Allergy News
Postmenopausal women who regularly use aspirin significantly had a reduced risk of developing melanoma during long-term prospective follow-up, according to a Women's Health Initiative observational study analysis. The magnitude of this risk reduction grew with greater duration of aspirin use, reported Christina A. Gamba, a medical student at Stanford University in California. The findings suggest a possible chemopreventive effect for aspirin against the development of melanoma.More

New skin patch treatment kills most common form of skin cancer
Science Daily
A customized patch treatment for basal cell carcinoma completely destroys facial tumors without surgery or major radiation therapy in 80 percent of patients studied, say researchers at the Society of Nuclear Medicine's 2012 Annual Meeting. Researchers have developed a treatment called a phosphorus-32 skin patch, a radiation spot-treatment in the form of a patch that can safely and easily kill skin tumors with a few easy outpatient appointments.More

Retinol makes a return
The New Zealand Herald
Of all the ingredients touted to improve your skin, the topical application of vitamin A derivatives stands up best to scrutiny. These retinoids have the ability to make skin look all shiny and new. Thanks to advances in formulation that have minimized skin irritation and made them more stable, retinoids are enjoying a second wave of popularity.More

Ziana proves less irritating than Epiduo for acne
Skin & Allergy News
Topical clindamycin phosphate 1.2 percent/tretinoin 0.025 percent gel was found to be significantly less irritating than benzoyl peroxide 2.5 percent/adapalene 0.1 percent gel was during the first three weeks of acne therapy, according to a double-blind, randomized, split-face comparative trial. Dr. Renato Goreshi of the department of dermatology at the Oregon Health and Science University, Portland, presented his study involving 24 patients with mild to moderate facial acne at the annual meeting of the Society for Investigative Dermatology.More

Skin care options abound, from rejuvenation to acne treatment
The Miami Herald
Skin care treatments and cosmetic options for women are vast. Doctors have soft-tissue fillers to plump sagging faces or to fill in wrinkles. Traditional fractional resurfacing using lasers to slough away the superficial portions of the skin layer. Botox injections and topical creams are other popular choices.More

Frozen fat returns volume to aging face
Skin & Allergy News
Fat transfer for facial volume restoration holds certain advantages over off-the-shelf fillers, according to Dr. Lisa M. Donofrio. Chief among them is that the procedure involves adding a biologically identical substance to the targeted treatment area. Fat transfer "is also capable of dramatic changes [and] has the potential for permanence; it's nonreactive, and it may promote stem cell growth," said Donofrio.More

Hard nut to crack: Beauty, antioxidant oil
The Wall Street Journal
In Morocco, argan oil is used to dip bread or to drizzle on couscous or pasta. Worldwide, it's gaining a reputation both as an ingredient in high-end, personal-care products and as well as a heart-healthy gourmet product. The golden-colored oil, extracted by hand from the fruit of a thorny tree that grows in southwest Morocco, soothes rough skin and gives hair a nice shine, dermatologists say.More

Capability of curry component to treat disease merits US patent
University of Rochester Medical Center via Medical Xpress
A U.S patent issued to the University of Rochester, N.Y., and two other entities for the use of compounds related to a popular spice in the fight against cancer, acne, baldness and other medical conditions. The patent centers on compounds related to curcumin, the compound that is the main ingredient of the spice turmeric and a central ingredient of curry.More

Himalaya strengthens derma portfolio, working on psoriasis formulations
The Himalaya Drug Company has strengthened its dermatology portfolio with an additional four prescription-driven products to address specific skin conditions and hair loss. The expansion comes in the wake of the growing demand for ethically promoted dermatology products to handle the increasing diseases and disorders of the skin and hair.More

Survey: 75 percent say a tan is healthy
United Press International
An American Academy of Dermatology conducted an online survey of U.S. adults nationwide that found about 40 percent of respondents age 30 and under tried to get a tan using a tanning bed, spending time in the sun, using a self-tanner or getting a spray tan. More

Girls as young as 11 getting anti-acne facials, hair removal
The Daily Mail
Tweens and teenagers are gearing up for summer camp, which has become a complex process now involving multiple visits to beauty salons. Girls as young as 11 are getting keratin straightening treatments to reduce humidity-induced hair frizz, having their legs, underarms, eyebrows and bikini lines waxed and getting anti-acne facials. And to ensure their image-conscious daughters don't worry about stray fuzz during sleep-away camp, mothers are spending up to $350 for just one treatment.More