Warfield Weekly Update
Aug. 7, 2015

A new way to kill melanoma skin cancers
The Lead via Medical Xpress
Scientists are adding new DNA to the cells of patients in a world-first treatment to attack and kill melanoma skin cancers. The new cell and gene therapy clinical trials have commenced in Adelaide, South Australia, led by professor Michael Brown, director of the Cancer Clinical Trials Unit at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, and research officer Dr. Tessa Gargett.More

Research: Photoaging could reverse negative impact of ultraviolet radiation
Medical News Today
While all human organs undergo normal, chronological aging, human skin undergoes an additional type of aging because of its direct contact with the environment. The environmental factor that ages human skin more than any other is UV radiation (from the sun, a process is called photoaging. With so much at risk when human skin is overexposed to the sun, substantial progress has been made in recent years to understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms that bring about photoaging. More

Further evidence of genetic key to deadliest form of skin cancer
Medical News Today
Scientists from the University of Leeds have uncovered further evidence that the protective buffers at the ends of chromosomes — known as telomeres — are fundamental to the understanding of the deadliest form of skin cancer, melanoma. More

FDA approves new rosacea treatment
HealthDay News via Medical Xpress
A new prescription treatment for the common skin condition rosacea was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The FDA approved Bayer HealthCare's Finacea Foam, 15 percent, for treatment of mild to moderate rosacea, Bayer said in a news release.More

Dial-a-derm: Telemedicine will change the way cosmetic surgery is practiced
Plastic Surgery Practice
You're a cosmetic dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Why should you care about telemedicine? This movement is really about primary care, right? Wrong. Telemedicine is defined as the use of medical information exchanged from one site to another via electronic communications, according to the American Telemedicine Association.More

More men seek out hair transplant procedures
You'd never guess which men walking down the street were once losing their hair. Those guys are now sporting a great head of hair — and it's all thanks to hair transplants, a procedure that's gaining in traction for men. In fact, it was the fifth most popular procedure for men, according to a survey of facial plastic surgeons by The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.More

Half of consumers considering cosmetic procedure
Half of consumers are considering a cosmetic medical procedure and the specialty in which the physician is board-certified is increasingly influential in their choice of practitioner, according to new survey data from the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery.More

8 nonsurgical trends to look out for
Time was when nonsurgical treatments cost a lot, suckered a lot of time and the results were questionable. But things have changed. "There is no question that nonsurgical procedures are far better than they were ten years ago and the evolution continues," says Amanda Morgan, editor of Aesthetics Journal. That said, topical Botox has been talked about for aeons yet is still said to be at least 18 months off. More