Warfield Weekly Update
Oct. 31, 2008

What the Natural Power of Pumpkin Can Do for You Skin
from ABC15
Fall and pumpkins go hand in hand. You carve jack-o-lanterns out of your pumpkins and serve up pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. Now you can use the power of the pumpkin on your skin. This time of year trees and plants shed their old, dry leaves to prepare for the new, fresh leaves of Spring. But what does this have to do with our skin? The term "exfoliation" actually stems from the term "foliate" which means "related to leaves." As important as it is in the plant kingdom, exfoliation is also essential to skin health. Now is the perfect time to rejuvenate your skin from the harsh effects of summer and, according to Dr. Jennifer Linder, with Dermatology and Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery, pumpkin is one of nature's most beneficial contributions to skin care. More