Warfield Weekly Update
Nov. 11, 2011

Are you compliant?

This presentation will be given by Leslie Roste, RN at the
10th Anniversary Meeting - March 19-21, 2012

This presentation will provide a review for the SkinCare Specialist on the immune system and the potential pathogens that can be found in a dermatology practice. We will evaluate your practice’s infection control procedures and areas of OSHA compliance: Bloodborne Pathogens and Hazard Communication standards. Review of regulatory state board mandates will also be explored to ensure compliance.More

Panel backs skin cancer advice for youths
Fox News
A government-backed expert panel joined in the fight against skin cancer with a proposal urging doctors to counsel fair-skinned youths about sun protection. The new proposal, posted in draft form on the USPSTF's website, is the latest attempt to shield Americans against the cancer-promoting effects of ultraviolet, or UV, radiation. More

Overweight female teens more likely to have acne
Family Practice News
Overweight or obesity is independently associated with a twofold increased prevalence of moderate to severe acne in adolescent girls, according to a large population-based Norwegian study. More

Rising concern over cosmetic tattoos
Wiley Online Library
A article published in the November issue of Dermatologic Surgery highlights the growing concern over the use and safety of tattoo inks. The authors, Arisa E. Ortiz, MD and Tina S Alster, MD concluded that consumer complaints has prompted the FDA to investigate tattoo inks and their safety and that its important that further complications be reported to the FDA to promote regulation of cosmetic tattoo inks.More

Roche skin cancer drug to get priority review in US
Roche's experimental skin cancer drug vismodegib has been given "priority review" status by U.S. authorities, the Swiss drugmaker said on Wednesday. The news comes hot on the heels of approval in August for Roche's targeted drug Zelboraf for the deadliest form of skin cancer, which came two months ahead of schedule. More

Skin starts producing pigment after UV light detected
Medical News Today
For most people, tanning seems a simple proposition. A naturally light-skinned person lies in the sun for hours and ends up as bronzed as a Jersey Shore star. To scientists, the reaction of skin to ultraviolet light is more mysterious. A new study demonstrates that skin detects UVA radiation using a light-sensitive receptor previously found only in the eye and that this starts melanin production within a couple of hours. Until now, scientists only knew that melanin production occurred days after UVB radiation had already begun damaging DNA. More

There's an app for that: Checking suspicious moles for skin cancer
Smartphones these days are just that...smart. You can find the best Burmese restaurant in the area, make sure the wine you are about to buy is actually drinkable, scan barcodes to get nutritional information or price comparison, and now you can identify potentially dangerous skin moles with just one simple click. More

Lip reduction surgery—a contrary trend
The Huffington Post
We are barraged daily with photos and articles about movie stars and their lips and have become bizarrely infatuated with the subject. Thanks to beauty icons like Angelina Jolie, the poster child for huge plush lips (hers are natural), big pouty lips are in. Unfortunately, this has led to an over-reaction by the public, demanding enormous, unnatural cartoon-like lips from their local plastic surgeon or dermatologist. More

10th Anniversary Meeting Registration Open,
March 19 - 21, 2012, in San Diego


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