Warfield Weekly Update
Sept. 19, 2008
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Ethnic Cosmetic Surgeries Rising
from The Washington Times
The "plastic" in plastic surgery comes from the Greek for plastikos, meaning to mold or shape - originally often with a flap of skin. Increasingly, however, the shapes and textures of the human body are changed with the use of creatively engineered man-made or petroleum byproducts - especially in cosmetic surgery. More

Hand Eczema Extent and Morphology Association and Influence on Long-Term Prognosis
from PCI Journal
Throughout the last decade scientist have strived to come together and standardize a measurement for determining the severity of hand eczema. In a previous 15 year follow-up study of hand eczema in the general population, an extent of hand eczema was scored along with a detailed morphology. This study categorized groups from low extent (LoEx) to high extent (HiEx), which was also broken into subgroups based on the morphological signs of eczema. More

Cosmetic Close-up: Make-up Now Comes in High-def
from USA Today
Makeup sellers seeking to stand out amid crowded cosmetic counters are expanding into a niche once confined to those living under the scrutiny of the lens: high-definition makeup. The cosmetics, once used just for newscasters, models and actors, are becoming more popular among women who want to appear like they would in HDTV: lifelike, flawless and picture-perfect. More

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Miami Doctors Remove Huge Tumor from Girl’s Face
from KARE 11
A Vietnamese teenager is finally able to smile after doctors in Miami removed a 12 pound tumor from her face. This is Lai Ti Dao, four months after surgery that saved her life and restored her face. This was 15-year-old Lai in April when she arrived from Vietnam. The 12 pound tumor had growing in her jaw since she was three. More

Women Go Bald, Too
from Baltimore Sun
The term "male pattern baldness" is familiar to most people. But many women, too, suffer from hair loss, says Lisa Earnest Ishii, assistant professor for facial plastic and reconstructive surgery in the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine's department of otolaryngology and neck surgery. More

Consumers Making More Informed Decisions about Plastic Surgery
from CareFair.com
When it comes to plastic surgery, prospective patients are becoming more informed about their choices. Stories of botched surgical procedures have highlighted the importance of getting relevant information about a surgeon before making a decision. A study by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) shows that 80 percent of Americans choose skilled, certified plastic surgeons over general practitioners for facial procedures. More

Seeing Double, and Beauty, at the Same Time
from OCRegister
Asian Blepharoplasty creates an upper eyelid crease for those of Asian descent, and allows their eyes to appear wider. Large eyes are considered a symbol of beauty in the Asian community. Like many cosmetic surgeries, the procedure is controversial. Asian Blepharoplasty, however, is more so because, unlike breast augmentation, the surgery targets an ethnic group. Some Asians view it as an attempt to westernize, while others see it as just another way to enhance his or her beauty. More

Could Cosmetic Fillers Help Your Aging Skin?
from Dallas Morning News
Pump up the volume! That's the latest rallying cry among those in the front lines of the war on aging. The sagging facial skin that was once made taut by going under the surgeon's knife is now being restored to more youthful fullness using needles and cosmetic fillers instead. More

OSHA Manual on Bloodborne Pathogens
Published by Paramedical Consultants, Inc.

This book is required for every employer and skin care professional to be compliant with the Bloodborne Pathogen Act. This comprehensive book is tailored for the skin care specialist and gives specific examples and guidelines that are pertinent to the skin care industry and what OSHA will be looking for in the case of an inspection. Order today!

Biopelle Inc. - Skyscraper

Susanne S. Warfield, President/CEO of Paramedical Consultants, Inc. and the PCI Publishing division publishes the PCI Journal™, The Medical Journal for Skin Care Professionals© (www.PCIJournal.com) Official Journal of the Society of Dermatology SkinCare Specialists and the Organ of the Medical Spa Society. She is the leading expert on the business, legal and liability issues that affect physician and esthetician relationships working in a medical or spa setting. More

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