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Jan. 2, 2015

7 key trends emerging in the hospitality industry
By Archita Datta Majumdar
From April 3: The hospitality industry is growing steadily and surely, and the outlook is better than ever with new hotel and lodging businesses expanding the horizons every day. While 2012 saw an average addition of 30,000 new hospitality jobs per month, the figure rose to 55,000 per month in 2013. In many ways, 2014 is poised to bring far-reaching changes to the hospitality industry, and some of them have already been evident in first-quarter performances. Here is a quick glimpse at what is shaping the present and future of the hospitality industry.More

DoubleTree shows how to win customers with a small touch
By Linchi Kwok
From March 27: In the effort to respond to the shifting customer base, hotels spare no time or money in developing fresh concepts. In front of hundreds of hotel brands, many travelers might have difficulty distinguishing one brand from another. Competition becomes steep. Then, in addition to offering the state-of-the-art facility and exceptional customer service, what can a hotel do to build a clear brand identity and win more loyal customers? DoubleTree by Hilton's latest campaign shows how adding a "small touch" may help.More

A tier pricing strategy for hotel Wi-Fi
By Linchi Kwok
From April 24: When was the last time you made a hotel reservation? Did you look at how much a hotel charged for Wi-Fi? I did. In fact, it turned out a hotel's pricing strategy on Wi-Fi had become the determining factor for my decision on a future hotel stay. I was recently planning a trip to Hong Kong for The 2014 Global Tourism and Hospitality Conference and Asia Tourism Forum. I reviewed three hotels that were nearby the conference venue. They were all upper-upscale hotels that looked alike in pictures. They also offered similar conference rates during my stay. It seemed like I had a difficult choice to make, that is until I saw their pricing structures for the Wi-Fi service.More

It is a crucial time for government meetings
The 2015 SGMP National Education Conference & Expo on April 28-30 in Minneapolis is coming during a crucial time in government meetings. Our industry has seen dramatic change in recent years, placing planners and suppliers in challenging roles to accomplish more with less (all while abiding by unprecedented rules regarding procurement and perception). SGMP is your source for the latest in industry best practices, knowledge sharing by experienced professionals, and a marketplace which is tailored to the unique work for which we are all responsible. This is your opportunity to sharpen your skills, to expand your expertise and to be a part of the future of government meetings. We look forward to seeing you in Minneapolis! Thank you for your steadfast membership in and continuing support of SGMP. More

Planning pitfalls: How to avoid hosting a dud
By Nick Merrill
From Feb. 6: Planning an event, and not sure if it will be well attended? Let's face it, we've all been there. You can throw the greatest party in history — and it amounts to nothing if no one attends. To help avoid this event planner's worst nightmare, here is a list of five common mistakes and pitfalls that can arise when planning your next big event. If you follow these steps, your biggest problem may just be planning the follow-up to that smash hit.More

Ebola outbreak beginning to affect travel industry
By Suzanne Mason
From Oct. 16: In the past seven months, 4,033 people have died from Ebola, including one patient in the United States. A second patient in America was recently diagnosed with Ebola. This news has sent a wave of worry within the $2 trillion travel industry as they gear up for their busiest time of the year — the holiday season. How exactly is Ebola affecting the industry overall? For starters, when the first Ebola patient in the U.S. died, the U.S. government announced that afternoon a more vigorous screening of the disease at five major airports.More

Airbnb presents a growing threat to hotel industry
By Archita Datta Majumdar
From July 31: The hotel industry can no longer ignore the Airbnb phenomenon and write it off as a wannabe competitor. One simple reason is that Airbnb has not disappeared from the scene as yet another new fad that bites the dust. Another more important one is that Airbnb's popularity and sales both seem to be rising t oo fast for comfort. In a recent faceoff, New York hotels and New York's attorney general called listings on the site as "illegal" hotels, while Airbnb called the officials' efforts a "government-sponsored fishing expedition."More

4 proven tricks to get Facebook likes on your business posts
By Emma Fitzpatrick
From March 20: Getting likes on your business's Facebook posts may seem like throwing spaghetti against the wall. You know some stick and perform really well, while others just flop. As far as the why, it's a mystery. Thanks to a recent study, part of the mystery has been cracked. Trust us, using these scientifically supported tips and tricks will help you get more bang for the same amount of time spent. Learn the top four data-proven tricks to help your posts on your business's Facebook page get more likes, comments and impressions below.More

It only takes a minute to login to the new SGMP website
SGMP no longer sends membership dues invoices by mail. If you are in your renewal cycle and have logged into the member portal, you can print your invoice or simply pay online! You can login at by simply entering the primary email address we have on file as your username and then enter Password1 as your new and temporary password (once you login, create and save a new password). Thank you for your membership! More

Hotels, restaurants respond to shifting customer base
By Linchi Kwok
From March 13: Millennials have grown up. They are not only replacing baby boomers in the workforce, but they also are becoming an important source of business for the travel and tourism industry. Different from baby boomers, millennials are known for their chic, urban lifestyle and tech-savvy trait. Many hotels and restaurants immediately responded to the shifting landscape in the marketplace by taking one of more of the following approaches: new product development, acquisition and/or brand makeover.More

You can help SGMP expand our social media reach
Just take a quick moment on the left side of the SGMP homepage! Friend "SGMPNation" on Facebook. Connect with "Society of Government Meetings Professionals" on LinkedIn. Follow "@SGMPHQ" on Twitter. And subscribe to "SGMPHQ" on YouTube. More

Busting 5 myths about green meetings and events
By Suzanne Mason
From May 29: What is your organization doing to move forward with planning green meetings? You don't have to be a "know-it-all" when it comes to sustainability. The only way to learn is to reach out to others. At the 2014 ASAE Springtime Expo, a panel of experts took the stage to myth-bust a few factors that may discourage meeting planners from creating green meetings. Here is a list of five myth-busting tips when it comes to "going green" at your next event.More

1 core principle of social media marketing
By Linchi Kwok
From April 10: A few days ago, I attended Social Media Marketing World 2014 in San Diego. According to the event's website, this is the world's largest social media marketing conference, where about 2,000 marketing professionals get together every year to network and share their best practices on social media marketing. I met with many thought leaders at the conference and was able to hear various cases of using social media in sales and marketing in a variety of industry sectors. But there was one core principle that can be applied to any business in social media marketing.More