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Mar. 26, 2015

Suppliers may still register for today's free GSA webinar
Jill Denning, GSA's per diem program manager, will present information from the supplier’s perspective today at 2:30 p.m. Eastern time. Register now to join in and to participate in the Q&A! Both of our GSA webinars are sponsored by SGMP and iCohere and are complimentary to SGMP members. Register now for one contact hour under Upcoming Events at More

How the federal travel crackdown hits scientists especially hard
The Washington Post
The White House was so concerned last year that a crackdown on federal travel and training was undermining the standing of U.S. scientists that it ordered a survey of scientist-heavy agencies across government to see how bad things were. The empirically based research results were dispiriting.More

One-third of new hires in the federal government last year were veterans
Government Executive
One in 3 new federal hires in fiscal 2014 were veterans, marking the highest-ever hiring rate for former military personnel, the Office of Personnel Management announced Monday. The 33.2 percent veteran hiring rate last fiscal year eclipsed the previous record of 31 percent set in fiscal 2013. While the number of overall hires decreased in fiscal 2014, the number of total veteran hires increased.More

4 tips on how to grow leaders within an organization
By Betty Boyd
Growing leaders within an organization is a great opportunity, but leadership is not developed overnight. It takes a long, steady process of coaching, mentoring and giving people a chance to excel. Current leaders must step up and mold the future of the organization. Here are four tips to better help grow leaders within your organization.More

Survey: Feds favor face-to-face meetings over videoconferencing
Government Executive
A new survey of federal employees facing Obama administration cutbacks in travel and conferences shows that a whopping nine out of 10 believe that face-to-face events and meetings are key to effective performance and fulfillment of agency missions. The study was done by the Meetings Mean Business coalition (on which SGMP is represented due to our CIC membership). More

Help restore confidence in our industry: Register for the 2015 NEC & Expo
The 2015 SGMP National Education Conference & Expo (NEC) on April 28-30 in Minneapolis is coming during a crucial time in government meetings. It is crucial for our members to restore confidence in how cost-effective meetings make government more productive. SGMP is your source for the latest in industry best practices, knowledge sharing by experienced professionals and a marketplace which is tailored to the unique work for which we are all responsible. This is your opportunity to sharpen your skills, to expand your expertise and to be a part of the future of government meetings. We look forward to seeing you in Minneapolis!More

With new digital magazine, Marriott aims to be world's largest publisher of traveler content
Washington Business Journal
If things go according to plan, Marriott International Inc. could become the world's largest publisher of travel articles online during the next few years. The Bethesda, Maryland-based hotelier has launched Marriott Traveler, a digital travel publication that aims to be a city-specific resource for travelers.More

Airport dining lifts off
Full-Service Restaurant
Eating at a U.S. airport used to mean one of two choices: fast food or full-service chain. However, the same trends impacting the broader restaurant marketplace have made their way past airport security into food courts and terminals across the country. Diners on the go can now find locally sourced, freshly prepared, chef-inspired dishes at just about any major domestic airport. And, at some locations, they can even find chefs in the back of the house.More

Your meeting history is your credit score
The quality of a meeting's historical data makes it easier for a convention and visitors bureau to help a group secure the space, dates and rates it needs at hotels and meeting facilities in a destination. And with the current seller's market, planners should make use of such a partnership as much as possible.More

TSA's Pre-check now at 1 million travelers
USA Today
The Transportation Security Administration celebrated on March 24 after enrolling one million people in its expedited screening program called Pre-check. For fliers, Pre-check allows fliers to keep on their shoes and jackets at designated screening checkpoints. Pre-check fliers also can leave laptops and small containers of liquids in their carry-on bags as they are screened.More