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May. 21, 2015

Government planners to convene in Norfolk in 2018
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SGMP will hold its 2018 National Education Conference & Expo June 4-8, 2018, in Norfolk, Virginia, it announced. The group last met in Norfolk in 2011, and in 2002 prior to that. "We are really happy to bring the NEC back to Norfolk for our 37th annual conference and for the third time," SGMP National President Rob Coffman said in a statement. "This is a great opportunity for us to deliver exceptional best practices and training to a large audience of government meeting professionals."More

Strategies for securing the best seat on every flight
Business Insider
I love traveling. But I hate flying. There are almost always delays, the seats on airplanes are cramped and uncomfortable, and the whole experience is often unpleasant. Still, there are some ways to make the experience of flying more bearable — starting with selecting the right airplane seat. More

New venue certification considers both facilities and quality of service
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In selecting meeting sites, planners take into account a variety of factors to help narrow down their choices. A common one is certification status. Convention centers and other meeting venues can be certified on a whole host of criteria: Are they green or LEED certified? Was it recognized for engineering excellence? Even staff can be certified in their respective job roles. A unique certification is being added to the mix that will bundle some of those elements and add a few new ones.More

Hotels are turning into full-scale gyms and wellness centers
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For those who work out regularly, constant traveling can throw a wrench into their routine. But just because it's hard to stay fit on the road doesn't mean travelers don't want to try. More

What planners need to know about contract law
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It takes a lot of paperwork to get from initial planning meetings to the beautifully decorated, buzzing ballroom full of excited attendees. None of it is more important than covering your bases in event of worst-case scenarios out of a planner's control, like when Baltimore erupted in violence last month. More

2 CGMP courses on calendar for summer, fall
SGMP recently added two CGMP courses to the schedule. The first will be offered July 14-17 in Vienna, Virginia, and the second from October 20-23 in Northern Virginia. The Certified Government Meeting Professional designation (CGMP) is designed for planners and suppliers whose work is governed by the rules and regulations of the federal government. To be eligible to take the course, you must be an SGMP member in good standing for six months or be a member with more than one year of experience in the hospitality industry. The cost is $595. More

Are your travel risk management protocols in place?
When the Global Business Travel Association Foundation surveyed travel managers, security officers, and human resources managers about how their organizations keep business travelers safe, more than 8 in 10 reported having a travel risk management (TRM) system in place. In addition, 60 percent of those who have no working TRM protocols now said they would be adopting them within the next two years.More

Hotel group: Fake hotel booking sites on the rise
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The American Hotel and Lodging Association says that federal regulators should do more to protect consumers from fraudulent hotel-booking sites — but that consumers should keep an eye out as well.More

5 critical mistakes that blunt leadership effectiveness
Government Executive
Leaders account for as much as 70 percent of the variance of employee engagement. A Gallup study of 7,272 adults in the United States revealed that one in two had left their job at some point in their career to get away from a manager in order to improve overall quality of life. People don't leave jobs; people leave people.More