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Jul. 16, 2015

Reshuffle your agenda now
Connect Your Meetings
Despite all we now know about how people learn and when they perform best, we keep repeating the same schedule — the same old agenda shuffle. We continue to cram each day of a conference with as much content as possible, giving attendees little time to reflect on what they heard or to discuss it with others. The typical schedule also disregards the fact people need free time to manage their own business and personal tasks while away from their homes and offices.More

Be a leader worth following
By Candice Gottlieb-Clark
Before I begin any workplace engagement, I ask the person informing me of the problem one important question: "If I determine you are at the core of some of these issues, how do you want me to tell you?" I ask this because problems do not happen in isolation. Commonly, they trickle down from the top. From leadership missteps to flaws in the organizational structure. I have learned a lot about the characteristics that make a good leader. Here is what all leaders should know.More

9 tips in the event of a crisis
Smart Meetings
When disaster strikes, the stakes are high for the success of your event. Most meeting planners are well aware of how unpredictable weather, last-minute venue changes and eleventh hour cancellations can wreak havoc if there is no back-up plan in place. The key is to make sure your team is ultra-prepared for the absolute worst.More

AV tips to save you time and tears on site
Meetings Net
Pre-production preparation is far less stressful and expensive than working on site, when issues become exponentially more complicated and costly to fix. That's why it's so important to leverage event technology partners who can make your audiovisuals come together seamlessly and keep you in the loop every step of the way.More

CGMP courses on tap for fall
SGMP recently added two CGMP courses to the schedule. The classes will be offered Oct. 20-23 and Dec. 8-11, both in Northern Virginia. The Certified Government Meeting Professional designation (CGMP) is designed for planners and suppliers whose work is governed by the rules and regulations of the federal government. To be eligible to take the course, you must be an SGMP member in good standing for six months or be a member with more than one year of experience in the hospitality industry. The cost is $595. More

White paper: How technology can improve hotel experience for business travelers
Successful Meetings
Business travelers wanted hotel Wi-Fi. And for the most part, now they have it. That's not the only technology they crave, however. According to a new white paper published by the GBTA Foundation — the research and education arm of the Global Business Travel Association — there are several other areas in which technology could improve the hotel experience for business travelers.More

Connect your event and customer data to measure ROI
How can you determine if your event is truly successful? How do your events compare from event to event, and from year to year? Having accurate data on your events and attendees is essential to determine your event's return on investment. To easily track and analyze ROI, you'll also need to connect your event data with your CRM system.More

Time management is only making our already busy lives worse
Government Executive
Imagine your life without time, without a constant sense that you're running behind, frustrated that yet again you are losing the battle against the irresistible force of the ticking clock. Imagine not wishing there were more hours in the day.More

Yes, there will be a federal spending spree this fall
Federal agencies typically squeeze much of their contract spending in at the end of the federal fiscal year, and that trend is expected to continue this fall, analysts and agency officials said July 15.More