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Nov. 27, 2013

Go green: Implementing 5 low-cost hospitality products in the hotel room
Stephen Kirby
According to the 2013 Global Business Traveler Survey published by Timetric, 47 percent of business travelers prioritize "green" hotels when on the road. Environmentally-conscious, well-informed travelers expect hotels to do more than just provide a comfortable place to stay. They want to know and see that the hotel they have chosen implements energy-efficient practices and is eco-friendly in many ways. Making sure guests can easily recognize green products and efforts at a hotel is as simple as making a few small, inexpensive changes. More

Rail to airport connections a secret weapon for hotels and convention cities
A study by two Washington-based associations affirms what most local tourism leaders already knew: A rail transportation system serving the airport would make the city a more desirable place to live and visit and would benefit resorts, the meetings industry and the city's economy. The report compares hotel room rates in six cities that have rail connecting their airports to city commerce with five cities that don't have airport rail, including Las Vegas.More

Deadline for national scholarships for 2014 NEC is next week
Every year, SGMP's Gilmer Institute of Learning awards NEC scholarships based on the number of meetings planned by the applicant. Applications are being accepted from planner members nationwide now through Dec. 4. [After national scholarships are awarded, each chapter opens an NEC scholarship application process to support its members to attend the NEC that is based on level of chapter activity.]More

Social media roundup: Savvy apps every event planner can use
Associations Now
Time is money in today's go-go-go world. That's why iPad and iPhone applications are there to deal with the little things event planners need (from traffic jam alerts to ratings of airport eateries) — leaving them free and focused on a conference's bigger picture.More

Vision 2020: Projecting the future of business travel
Business Travel News
The business travel industry can change a lot in seven years. In 2006, the industry was flying high from strong demand, unaware of the global economic meltdown looming two years over the horizon. Concur was just an expense reporting company, at least until it acquired the Outtask booking tool that year. Continental Airlines existed. So did Northwest. And not a single business traveler carried an iPhone or an Android smartphone, much less a tablet. More

Pre-meeting planning for effective communication
Houston Chronicle
Considering the high cost of both time and money, meetings in which communications are unclear can be costly not only for meeting participants but also a small-business owner. Because of this, pre-planning is vital to ensure meeting objectives are met and that communications during the meeting flow smoothly. Planning activities such as selecting a meeting facilitator, establishing clear meeting objectives and creating an agenda are vital for effective communication. More

Hotel executives worry about OTA competition
Hotel News Now
While it might be a great time to be in the hotel business, the industry still faces some challenges. Dealing with online travel agencies as a distribution channel is one of them, said speakers at a general session titled "Current events with the bosses" at the North America Hotel Investment Conference. More

Deadline for early bird registration for 2014 NEC exhibitors is Dec. 15
First booth registrant early birds save $300. Additional booth registrants also receive a nice early bird discount! Our website always features the most accurate and updated 2014 NEC information.More

Turkey Federation gives thanks for Thanksgiving
Associations Now
Aside from visiting the White House to present the national turkey — which, as a matter of tradition, the president pardons from becoming someone's dinner and sends on to Mount Vernon for the Christmas season — National Turkey Federation promotes various recipes and food-safety and cooking-safety tips tailored to the holidays. That work continues year round. More