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Jan. 7, 2015

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    CIOs anticipate bigger budgets in 2015
    CIO Insight
    CIOs are forecasting increased budget growth for next year, according to a recent survey report from CEB. A significant share of the spending is supporting innovation and business-benefiting programs, findings reveal. This speaks to the rising presence of CIOs in nontech-related activities, as they emerge as top strategic influencers. To support enterprisewide goals for 2015, IT departments will likely seek to further improve customer experiences, analytics and cloud services. More

    Dinosaurs, dodos or dynamos? Shadow IT is reinventing the CIO, for good and for bad
    'Shadow IT' is the term for what happens when individual departments — like sales or finance — decide to run their own tech projects outside of the control of IT. It's becoming an increasingly standard state of affairs, and on average now accounts for a quarter of organizations' IT spend, according to research by telecoms company BT.More

    Should you hire a chief social media officer?
    Having a strong social media presence is a necessary part of your business' marketing, communications and customer relations strategy. That presence should be handled by experienced, knowledgeable professionals. Some experts even suggest hiring a chief social media officer.More

    5 ways CES 2015 could inspire a CIO's strategic thinking
    IT World Canada
    Shane Schick writes: "If there's anything that makes me want to press the 'mute' button on Twitter, it's the Consumer Electronics Showcase, otherwise known as CES 2015. Smart laundry machines! Curved smartphones! Wearables everywhere! It would be impossible to keep up with, except that now I can just wait to see what CIOs make of it all." More

    Just how much must the CMO and CIO work together?
    CMS Wire
    Forrester Research says a strengthened relationship between the CMO and CIO will be paramount for companies' success in 2015. Shocked? Neither are we. This executive relationship — and how it must be tightened, glued, bonded and sealed — has been bandied about before. More

    Macro-based malware is making a comeback, researchers warn
    For the past several months, different groups of attackers have distributed malware through Microsoft Office documents that contain malicious macros, reviving a technique that has been out of style for over a decade. Macros are scripts that contain commands for automating tasks in various applications. Microsoft Office programs like Word and Excel support macros written in Visual Basic for Applications and these can be used for malicious activities like installing malware.More

    This survey shows why big tech companies are always on the verge of being disrupted
    Business Insider
    Disruption is the norm in the tech business. Salesforce took customer relationship management to the cloud and destroyed Siebel's business along the way. Amazon Web Services has grown like gangbusters, stealing customers from incumbents like IBM and Microsoft. Piper Jaffray's recent survey on computer security highlights the same type of disruption could happen in the security space soon. More

    FCC CIO shares practical advice for empowering employees
    When David Bray came to the Federal Communications Commission about a year and a half ago, he inherited much more than the title of CIO. He took on a role that had previously been held by nine other people over the past eight years, at an agency with 207 different information technology systems for a workforce of 1,750 people. Bray and his team are moving forward with a massive IT modernization project at a time when the FCC's IT resources are stagnant. More

    Data centers use renewable energy to contain costs
    CIO Insight
    While growth in data demand is expected to last for the indefinite future, the use of energy to power data centers is expected to sharply decline, according to a recent survey from Mortenson. Data center owners will continue to increase capacity to accommodate cloud innovation, mobility and the digitalization of any and all information. To contain costs and respond to concerns about environmental impact, data center operators, CIOs and other tech influencers are carefully considering renewable forms of energy. More