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Feb. 4, 2015

SIM Members In Transition program
The Members In Transition program was developed to assist SIM members who are in transition or looking to make a career change, by providing a forum to share leads, connections, opportunities and advice. We encourage all members to take advantage, whether you are looking for a change or just want to help fellow members in need. Start expanding your network today! Visit for more information.More

CIOs name their top 5 strategic priorities
The Wall Street Journal
After breaking up into a number of task forces and discussing strategic priorities, CIOs at the Journal's CIO Network event came together to create a prioritized set of recommendations to drive business and policy in the coming year. While proposals ran the gamut, consensus seemed to form around two major themes: cybersecurity and delivering change through effective communication with the rest of the business. The full results will be published in The Wall Street Journal CIO Network special report later this month. Here's a look at the top five.More

5 ways a CIO can make a real difference to users
It seems that at most companies, CIOs play nothing but defense, worrying about malware attacks, ERP integration, financial reporting, rogue users and licensing changes. But you can't win if you only play defense, especially in companies that rely on people to create, develop and sell the products and services that make money.More

MobileIron seeks to secure corporate data on personal clouds
When restrictive IT policies push employees to personal smartphone apps to share corporate data, the security of that information is at risk. Recently, MobileIron will release an update to its Content Security Service that seeks to plug that hole.More

Tight budgets cramp increased IT hiring wants
As seems to happen every year, IT leaders are getting mixed signals on just how strong the hiring market is and how difficult it will be to find skilled IT professionals in 2015. Headlines have pointed to a number of recent or pending layoffs at various tech companies, including IBM and Citrix. But those involve workers across the board, not just IT staff. Such news items can certainly create confusion for IT hiring managers on what they should expect.More

CIOs bogged down by business bypass
IT World Canada
The role of the CIO has undergone a profound transformation in the last few years according to a recent round table discussion held in Toronto facilitated by Jim Love, CIO of IT World Canada and sponsored by HP Canada. As organizations increase their adoption of cloud services, the role of the CIO is becoming more business focused. As one CIO quipped, "someday I'm more of a lawyer than a CIO." This new focus is in addition to and does not negate the CIO's responsibility for support, for "fighting fires" and for maintaining the security of the systems and data of the organization. More

Is social media recruiting dead?
A year ago, reports revealed that only 2 percent of large brands' Facebook posts were reaching their fans, and one Forrester analyst lamented the death of social media's organic reach. But does the same hold true for social media recruiting?More

Federal CIOs want, but fear, digital transformation
Many federal CIOs fear that the pace and scope of digital transformation at their agencies is too much, but also acknowledge the value that those changes can bring to their organizations. That reality was recently confirmed by a study by the National Academy of Public Administration (the Academy) and ICF International, which looked at how well the government is adopting, applying and leveraging technological advancementsMore

CIO Hall of Famer Tom Murphy's 1st 100 days as the University of Pennsylvania's CIO
University of Pennsylvania Vice President of IT and University Chief Information Officer Tom Murphy has held the CIO role at a number of leading companies, including AmerisourceBergen, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Omni Hotels, and Davita Healthcare Partners. He has been elected to CIO Magazine's prestigious CIO Hall of Fame in 2010. The move to become a university CIO was unusual, as many CIOs of universities grow up in the university setting.More

Divorce can be ugly — for employers, too
By D. Albert Brannen
No one ever sets out getting a divorce as a life goal. Unfortunately, though, divorce becomes a reality for an alarming number of married couples. While divorce can be emotionally devastating for the individuals involved, it can also end up interfering with their jobs. This article will outline nine ways that employers can be affected by the divorces of their employees.More