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Feb. 5, 2014

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  • Education: Access to SIM Regional Leadership Forum, providing industry-specific training for future IT leaders
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    Onboarding takes 2 years for many CIOs
    It used to be said that the average CIO job lasted about two years. That number has been revised upward to three years, which is a very good thing. According to new research on the CIO role, it takes two years for a new CIO just to get up to speed in the organization. According to new research conducted at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University and the European School of Management and Technology in Berlin, and published in the report, "How Newly Appointed Chief Information Officers Take Charge," some CIOs are not given enough time to acclimate to a new job. More

    CIO Network: No winning in cybersecurity
    The Wall Street Journal
    VideoBriefCybersecurity expert and venture capitalist Ted Schlein says there's two types of companies: those who have been breached and know it and those who have been breached and don't know it. He talks at the CIO Network in San Diego.More

    The top 5 security threats to watch for in 2014
    The year's barely started, and we've already had enough data breaches at major retailers to make a barter economy seem like a good idea. Unfortunately there are yet more security threats to look forward to in 2014. Here are the biggest ones we anticipate. More

    How to use agile development to avoid project failures
    The now-notorious rollout of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act health insurance exchange website,, brought the issue of software product failure to national attention. While it's one of the more notorious IT software product failures in recent memory, it's far from the only one. These failures happen every day, to businesses in all types of industries around the world.More

    The Machiavellian CIO
    The CIO's territory is no longer the basement data center; it now has the potential to reach as far as the technology does. Yet as with the Roman Empire, with a greater territory to protect and maintain comes greater risks. Back in the 16th century, Niccolo Machiavelli advised that a leader should think like an animal because leaders are often embattled. He suggested that leaders should take inspiration from two "beasts": the fox to avoid the traps and the lion to scare away the wolves.More

    Revlon CIO ushers in corporate cloud and sweeping culture changes for IT
    Standing before an audience of his CIO peers, David Giambruno was ticking off the attributes of the corporate cloud his team built at Revlon Inc.: that it manages an average 14,000 transactions per second, is automated to move applications around the Revlon ecosystem 15,000 times per month and handles a data change rate of 40 terabytes per week. Then, to bring things back to reality, came the punch line. "And I make lipstick," Giambruno said, drawing the intended laugh.More

    Give the business more control over IT costs
    Alan Hughes became CIO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina in 2009; three years later, when the company consolidated IT and operations, Hughes was named COO. The CIO to COO path is an attractive one that not every CIO will travel in his or her career. How did Hughes do it? More

    Confessions of an actual CIO: Our roles have changed
    If you as a CIO believe that your job is running the IT department, I have news for you: you're dead wrong. In the past, CIOs could get away with that approach... more or less. They could stay in the background and keep things humming so that the rest of the company could get business done. Today, that just won't cut it. More

    Guidelines for appearance policies in the professional workplace
    By D. Albert Brannen
    For good business reasons, many professional employers adopt policies regulating dress and appearance in their workplace. These policies can help enhance an office's public image, promote a productive work environment, comply with health and safety standards and even prevent claims of unlawful harassment and discrimination. While no law requires an employer to maintain a dress/appearance policy, some laws are relevant to such policies.More

    IT struggling with file management
    CIO Insight
    Thanks to the ever-expanding availability of mobile devices and cloud-based storage — not to mention the sheer volume of information, data and docs that they deal with every day — IT departments are having a difficult time staying on top of file management, according to a recent survey from Hightail. Cloud computing is playing an increasing role here, as more than two of five CIOs and IT managers say they take advantage of cloud-based collaboration and storage services at least "sometimes" for file storage. More

    CMOs and CIOs need to get along to make big data work
    Harvard Business Review
    A global telecoms company recently decided to do what many companies are doing: figure out how to turn big data into big profits. They put together a preliminary budget and an RFP that asked vendors to take the data the company had — customer call and payments behavior, online searches, social network activity, billing, etc. — and identify opportunities.More