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Mar. 4, 2015

Download APC's report on mobile app risks, rewards
and recipes

The rewards of releasing mobile apps are great, but so are the risks. SIM's Advanced Practices Council report, just released to SIM members, can help you navigate the risks, especially in highly regulated industries, so that you can reap the benefits. The report, as well as other APC reports, can be downloaded from the SIM Online Store. More

7 IT career risks worth taking
Whether you're just starting out in your tech career or you're a seasoned IT veteran, knowing when to take risks can mean the difference between success and failure. Here are seven chances worth taking at any stage of your career.More

Apple watch creates new opportunities for CIOs
The Wall Street Journal
Wearable devices, often viewed as consumer tools, are showing signs of traction in the enterprise. Major business application providers such as Inc. are building tools to support their use inside companies, signaling that employees soon will be able to make use of critical business information straight from their wrist.More

Key IT certifications gain weight in tight salary climate
Several recent IT salary studies have suggested minimal salary growth for 2015, but top IT certifications continue to draw higher pay for the right individuals, and they are what convince many hiring managers to open the purse strings. Indeed, pay for IT certifications rose for the seventh consecutive calendar quarter, according to Bill Reynolds, an analyst with Foote Partners, which studies IT pay and certification trends. Reynolds told FierceCIO that cloud and security related skills in particular are costing IT managers more, and earning IT pros the larger pay premiums.More

Department of Justice CIO: Rollout of new CIO powers could be 'uneven'
Months after it was signed into law, federal agencies are still waiting for guidance on how to implement the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act. FITARA, signed in December as part of the National Defense Authorization Act, gives federal chief information officers more authority over budgets and personnel processes for IT investments, and requires agencies to make IT investments transparent to the public, consolidate federal data centers and develop their own IT acquisition teams, among other provisions. Speaking on a panel at a conference organized by nonprofit tech council ACT-IAC, the Justice Department's chief information officer, Joe Klimavicz, predicted that the speed and level of implementation could be "a bit uneven" across agencies.More

Why the enterprise cloud needs shadow IT to succeed
Who is really responsible for cloud initiatives in the enterprise? Some say central IT, but studies show that is most certainly not the case. Enter shadow IT, which is very much alive and well in the enterprise.More

Study shows secret to managing millennials can be summed up in one word
There's a famous quote attributed to F. Scott Fitzgerald: "The rich are different from you and me." For a generation of older managers, a similar sentiment could apply to their understanding of millennials in the workforce. They're just somehow different. They want different things, they’re motivated by different incentives, they have have different values. To paraphrase the great Fitzgerald, "The millennials are different from you and me." Which poses distinct management challenges. More

Leadership is more than coaching
By Betty Boyd
Leadership is and always will be an uphill battle. When leading, how do you make a real difference in people's lives? Leadership is more than coaching; it is more like being a teacher. Teachers enable their students to see beyond themselves and give them greater understanding of what can be accomplished. Leaders can be just like teachers, helping their mentees go above and beyond. Here are some tips to becoming a leader who is more of a teacher than a coach.More