SIM Connect
Jun. 5, 2013

IT Trends Survey deadline extended
The SIM IT Trends Survey Team is excited to announce the survey deadline has been extended by three weeks! Members have until June 18 to submit a response. Four lucky SIM members were randomly selected from the pool of survey respondents on May 27 and each won a $500 gift card. But there are still three more gift cards available so be sure to complete the survey by June 18 to be entered to win.

Your response to the IT Trends Survey will provide benchmark data in important areas including IT staffing, spending, salaries and the job activities of IT professionals. Once the report is published SIM members can use the information to benchmark their organizations to see how they compare. The data produced from the SIM IT Trends Survey has been recognized nationally and internationally as a major barometer of the industry. The survey will only take about 12 minutes to complete and the results will be presented at SIMposium 2013 in Boston. We encourage you to please participate by June 18!

Click here for more information and to view past IT Trends Reports. If you experience issues while completing the survey or have questions not answered at the link provided please contact Professor Leon Kappelman by phone at 940-565-4698 or email More

The BYOD mobile security threat is real
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The time is right for an 'IT petting zoo'
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Revamping the testing process for software applications
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