SIM Connect
Sep. 24, 2014

IT Trends Study shows 'the times they are a changing' — quickly!
This year's SIM IT Trends Study is the most representative ever, with 717 organizations accounting for 4 trillion dollars in annual revenue and $200 billion in IT spending. The analysis and report writing are still in progress but early results show big changes in the IT industry. More

The 'rock star' government CIO, redefined
Having a "rock star CIO" — or better yet, being anointed one — is heady. Vivek Kundra is one such CIO. After unquestioned success as chief technology officer for the District of Columbia, where he implemented cloud computing and crowdsourced applications development, he was tapped to become the first federal CIO. Kundra himself used the term "rock star CIO" in suggesting what federal agencies needed to move the federal government from 1960s era technology to 21st century technology.More

Why it's time for the 2-speed CIO
CIOs need to cozy up to the CFO to make sure that the thoughts of the IT department are incorporated at an earlier stage in strategic planning and budgeting processes. According to the analyst group Gartner, decisions are taken by senior management on issues that directly impact on IT, without IT being included in that process; it is an issue that IT returns to again and again while senior management in the business continue to struggle with itMore

The dangers of dark data and how to minimize your exposure
Structured data, like content in a database, is relatively easy to manage. However, confidential or sensitive unstructured information — log archives and other untagged, non-inventoried data — presents a real challenge to CIOs. Find out why "dark data" can be a security risk and how you can protect your organization.More

The CIO-CMO war that wasn't, and the data-savvy companies that know it and win
The much-hyped turf war between chief information officers and chief marketing officers is dead — if it even ever existed. It's certainly true that there's a pretty big turf for them to battle over, as illustrated by the $50 billion-plus that marketers already spend on Big Data and analytic capabilities annually, according to McKinsey & Co. There's a good reason for all that spending: companies that are more data driven are 5 percent more productive and 6 percent more profitable than other companies, according to McKinsey. But just because there's a huge pie doesn't mean executives are necessarily fighting over it.More

Steps for keeping your organization secure as CIO
It's not enough to keep your IT organization running smoothly anymore. More than ever, CIOs and IT leaders have to make sure their organizations, and the businesses they support, are also running securely. Ed Marx, who FierceCIO interviewed earlier this year, spoke recently about the security duties of the CIO at the HIMSS Privacy and Security Forum in Boston. Marx, who is the CIO of Texas Health Systems, outlined five key steps for implementing a strong security program, according to But before implementing a program, CIOs need to first make sure their employees and higher ups also know how important security is.More

10 ways CIOs and CMOs can tap iOS 8 for better mobile apps
New features in iOS 8 will help CMOs reimagine their mobile apps to better reach iPhone and iPad customers in the critical "mobile moment" — a small window of opportunity to pitch a marketing message effectively. For CIOs with in-house app-making factories, it's time to get busy. There are more than 4,000 new application programming interfaces in iOS 8, with many aimed at making the mobile consumer's life easier. Yet taking advantage of these opportunities won't be easy or cheap. The cost of creating and developing apps could increase by up to 20 percent, according to a Forrester report. More

CIOs split into 2 classes of leaders, research shows
The Wall Street Journal
CIOs are splintering into two distinct classes, research shows. One of those classes fosters more innovation and forges a tighter relationship with business leaders within the company, while the other class plays a critical but more traditional nuts-and-bolts role within the corporation. Over the past several years there's been a significant shift, with the CIO role bifurcating, according to a 2013 IBM study of more than 1,600 CIOs. There are both more CIOs who provide basic IT services and more who are charged with innovation, CIO Journal's Rachael King writes.More

CIOs: Oracle's big challenge is more culture than technology
The Wall Street Journal
The pressures of changing technology notwithstanding, Oracle Corp.'s biggest challenge may be CIOs who say they are frustrated with what they view as its aggressive approach to pricing and locking in customers. The issues came to the fore recently after Oracle announced that founder Larry Ellison, 70, would give up his role as CEO and become chairman and chief technology officer. His two lieutenants, Mark Hurd and Safra Catz, were named co-CEOs. The company also faces major threats on the technology and product front, from cloud-computing to new kinds of databases, the Wall Street Journal’s Shira Ovide reports.More