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Oct. 3, 2012

IT leaders provide value to the business: SIMposium 2012
This year's theme, "The CIO Means Business," says it all. Come the to SIMposium, in wonderful Dallas, to listen to, talk to and learn from dozens of industry leaders who know how to provide value to help grow the business. Network with hundreds of attendees that you can rely on to help you quickly and quantitatively improve your company's bottom line. Check out this video to learn more or simply register today. We will see you in Texas!More

How CIOs can learn to think like entrepreneurs
Pundits say one of the roles CIOs must play is entrepreneur. But what does it mean to be an entrepreneurial CIO? To figure that out, the Society for Information Management's Advanced Practices Council invited a successful entrepreneur — Bryan Mistele, CEO and co-founder of Inrix — to a recent meeting. Seven years ago, Inrix was merely a dream. Today, it's a leading global provider of traffic information and services, helping drivers avoid major traffic delays. It has the largest traffic-information network in the world. Customers include Ford, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Garmin and Apple. Here's what CIOs can learn from Mistele's entrepreneurial work. Click here to read more.More

The question CIOs must really ask
Fortune via CNNMoney
Asking whether CIOs will play a strategic or supporting role is indulging in a stale debate. The more important question is whether CIOs are prepared to lead their organizations into a future environment that could be completely unlike today.More

Security arms race heats up, but IT battles back against attacks
Attackers are increasingly exploiting a combination of connected systems, poor policy enforcement and human error to cause data breaches, but there have been some information security successes. Spam and phishing attacks are down, reported SQL injection vulnerabilities are on the decline and sandboxing technology is making it safer to open documents like PDFs again.More

Oracle's Hurd outlines 'holistic' strategy: Will CIOs bite?
Oracle president Mark Hurd outlined the company's "holistic aggregate strategy" and positioned the company as a partner able to solve for both cost and innovation due to trends like big data. Combined with CEO Larry Ellison's keynote, Oracle is repositioning the company to one focused on buzzwords like cloud and big data as well as being a best-of-breed vendor who happens to sell you a stack of hardware and software. The catch is that Oracle has to walk a line between being perceived as an innovation partner and selling tech execs a stack of stuff led by Oracle's 12c database and the latest Exadata system.More

Meet the C-Suite: The chief innovation officer — the other CIO
There's been a lot of talk about the newest member of the C-Suite: the chief innovation officer, who is tasked with driving enterprise growth through innovation. If you think that sounds vague, it's time you learned what the (new) CIO does to make your job better.More

The changing role of the bank CIO
Bank Systems & Technology
More than ever before, bank CIOs are integral members of the C-suite. In fact, it seems business acumen is almost as much of a key skill to doing the job well these days as being tech-savvy. And today, CIOs also must help their banks navigate the tumultuous waters of domestic and international regulations. In a world where customer experience and channel integration are paramount, exactly what skills does a bank CIO need in order to succeed? And is having a tech background less important for today's CIOs than for their predecessors? More

BYOD privacy: Are you being watched?
Is your employer (aka. Big Brother) tracking your every move through your "bring your own device" smartphone? Mobile technology makes it possible, and four out of five people believe this to be an invasion of privacy, according to a recent Fiberlink-commissioned Harris survey. All the handwringing over employee privacy in the age of BYOD isn't just for show—that is, real fears exist.More

CIO: Redefining role?
Financial Times
VideoBriefPeter Sondergaard, global head of research at Gartner talks to Paul Taylor, Connected Business editor, about the increasing digitization of business and how the transformation of business activities by the introduction and use of information technology will ultimately lead to a redefinition of the role and duties of a company's CIO. More

Cloud adoption met with 'cautious optimism'
CIO Insight
CIOs today have the cloud on their minds. From cloud-based support services to tools designed to improve productivity, the cloud has become an important tool in ensuring a company is operating to the best of its ability. In fact, the cloud has become so important that it's more uncommon now to not see a company using something Web-based than for them to be using the cloud. However, not everyone is sold on the cloud.More