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Oct. 15, 2014

Register now for SIM's Regional Leadership Forum
Registration is open for SIM's 2015 Regional Leadership Forum (RLF) program. The RLF ensures that the high-potential rising professionals in your company have the building blocks and knowledge necessary to succeed. Over the course of nine months, participants will:

Attendees in the RLF won't learn the Top Ten leadership lessons as someone else sees it — they will discover and refine their own leadership style and how to adapt it when needed. RLF's reading list and discussion groups are reinforced by a number of respected executives who share their personal stories, speak to the best practices of today, and offer guidance on issues that will impact the leaders of tomorrow. Small class size helps ensure a high degree of interaction with speakers and fellow participants.

To learn more about the RLF and register for the program, click HERE. Register now to qualify for the early bird discount of $500.More

The coming war for developers
The emergence of next-generation social, mobile, analytics and cloud technology has sparked a war for developers able to continue the fast pace of innovation. Enterprises that want to remain in business tomorrow would be wise to make the right changes today.More

US federal CIO? 'Someone from Google or Facebook will be eaten alive'
Following the departure of Steven VanRoekel, the Obama administration is evaluating candidates to fill the role of U.S. federal CIO. Aside from the symbolism as national IT leader, the federal CIO oversees an information technology budget of almost $80 billion. Given the growing importance of technology to national competitiveness, innovation, and efficiency the position has particular significance and meaning.More

Forrester: CIOs increase spending on customer-focused technology
The Wall Street Journal
The rise of new business technologies, such as analytics and mobile applications, that help companies grow the business is transforming tech spending strategy. A new Forrester Research Inc. report attempts to put a dollar value on that shift, predicting that spending on so-called business technologies will grow faster than spending on traditional information technologies tied to telecommunications services and computer equipment. With the shift comes new challenges for CIOs, who will need to "look for opportunities to simply, modernize and rationalize their IT investments," said Andrew Bartels, the Forrester analyst who wrote the report.More

Why leaders should focus on employee investment, not engagement
Swith and Shift
Disengaged employees are unhappy and unmotivated. They pass on opportunities to develop as professionals, learn new skills, share ideas, and collaborate with teammates. Careers are derailed. Dreams are dissolved. A person's excitement in being hired by a great company in a role they've always desired — which in many cases takes years of hard work and difficult life decisions — can vanish quickly in the face of a demeaning manager or an unresponsive, unappreciative company. The solution to the problem very well may lie in a simple change to the way we view the term engagement. More

The return of the CIO: Why the tech chief is back in favor with the CEO
To be one of the major players in any organization you need to have the ear of the CEO, which is as true for the chief information officer as it is for anyone else in the executive suite. And now it seems CIOs are increasingly acquiring that all-important access. According to the latest report from analyst Gartner, Flipping to Digital Leadership: The 2015 CIO Agenda, despite the rise of roles such as the chief digital officer, 41 percent of CIOs are now reporting directly to the CEO.More

5 qualities of great hospital CIOs
Passion and balance are some of the keys to being a successful chief information officer, according to Stephanie Reel, vice president for information services at Baltimore-based John Hopkins Medicine. Reel, who also heads IT for the entire university, as well, spoke with Becker's Health IT and CIO Review about several qualities CIOs need to be great. Here are five.More

Does your business need a fractional CIO?
The Daily News
With the final quarter of the year underway, many small- to mid-size businesses are planning their budgets for 2015, and technological expenses will likely play a role in the process. Many of these business owners struggle with questions around whether upgrading equipment and existing infrastructure is worth the ROI, or if updating certain software and programs is a viable option to improve the company's functionality.More

CIOs: H-P failed to keep up with market
The Wall Street Journal
Hewlett-Packard Co.'s plan to break itself into two separate companies came as no surprise to customers, several of whom described the tech giant as behind the curve and less than fully responsive to their needs. The Wall Street Journal reported recently that 75-year-old H-P planned to put its computer business and its higher margin printer business into one company, and to put its corporate hardware and services into another company focused on enterprises, or large firms. The company has not confirmed the move, but it could be announced soon, the Journal said. An H-P spokeswoman declined to comment for this article.More

CIO-to-CMO transition of power is becoming a reality
The Gartner report landed on the CIO's desk with a thud: In five years, Gartner predicted, marketers will spend more on technology than IT will. That report came out almost three years ago, and CMOs are well on their way to making good on Gartner's prediction. The transfer of power is nearly complete. Since the report, the number of vendors pitching marketing technology, also called martech, has exploded. There are some 3,000 vendors today, their ranks swelling anywhere from 300 to 500 annually. Most of them sell directly to CMOs who, in turn, are more than willing to keep CIOs out of the loop. More