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Dec. 26, 2013

Who are America's top CIOs?
From Feb. 6: Who are the top CIOs? The annual batch of Transformational CIO Leadership Awards, released recently, named names. Hunter Muller, president and CEO of HMG Strategy, said in a statement that the honorees "represent the absolute best of world-class IT leadership," and added that this "singular group of amazing corporate leaders" serve as role models for IT.More

Leadership qualities of CIOs who do big things
From Jan. 20: CIO Jim Whalen has been a people pleaser for as long as he can remember. More often associated with the female gender — and frequently called out as a trait that needs fixing — it can be assumed that people pleasing rarely tops the list of the leadership qualities of powerful business executives. That doesn't seem to have slowed down Whalen, who oversees IT strategy at Boston Properties Inc. that was founded by mogul Mortimer Zuckerman and specializes in the kind of marquee office buildings that ooze machismo.More

2013 SIM Chapter Leaders of the Year Award
From Oct. 30: The SIM Leader of the Year Award recognizes members who contributed to the growth, advancement and excellence of SIM at the local, national and/or international levels. In addition, the award provides a vehicle for SIM to highlight member service in our local and broader communities.

We are grateful to the all the nominees for their significant contributions, which serve as wonderful examples of the fabulous work that occurs throughout our membership. We thank all the nominators for their submissions. Most of the nominees were exceptionally strong!More

How to scare off your best IT people
From Jan. 30: Another talent war is shaping up for 2013, especially for highly skilled people. Demand for tech skills in particular is on the rise, according to 71 percent of the respondents to a recent InformationWeek survey. Attracting the best and the brightest is hard enough without shooting ourselves in the foot. And we regularly do that in two ways.More

5 years from now, will there be brand new CIOs?
From Feb. 20: As leaders of change and drivers of innovation, the world of CIOs is changing dramatically. It has evolved over the years and it will certainly continue to become more competitive and strategic. While capitalizing on industry trends, CIOs need to connect the business with the mission and the vision of the organization with a focus on bringing in a transformation in the organization.More

Security professionals predict a challenging 2013
From Jan. 2: So far in this millennium, every year has brought greater threats against computer network security, both in terms of number and sophistication, and it looks as though 2013 won't be any different. Computer security experts are predicting that the greatest threats will continue to migrate from PCs to mobile devices, and they will work their way into mobile apps, cloud services and machine-to-machine communications. Among the many predictions ventured to date, here are a select few from a handful of forecasters.More

Needed: CIO as strategist
From April 24: We expect the CIO to know technology, and how to run a tight budget. But what businesses really want from their CIOs is someone who can strategize. The CIO, as someone who sees across the company, is well positioned to shape corporate strategy. But the CIO is often asked merely to be tactical, and strategy isn't something most CIOs are expected to study in school.More

Chris Curran on 'the year of the CIO'
From April 10: For all you CIOs out there, PricewaterhouseCoopers principal Chris Curran has a message: This is your year. This turning point for the CIO job is just one of the trends that Curran sees. He says CIOs must be ready to harness the power of a slew of technologies if they want to say competitive. In this article, Curran offers insight into his vision for IT through 2013 and beyond.More

The most talented IT executives are advancing beyond CIO
From March 27: Chief operating officer has traditionally been a key role to have to put one's self as "on-deck" to the top job. Chief financial officers have also hewn their path to the CEO role. Not long ago, it may have seemed absurd to think of the CIO as an important stop on the way to the top role in the company. Yet a group of special technology leaders have spent meaningful time as CIO but then continued the ascent beyond the role.More

The art of being a great IT leader
CIO Insight
From March 27: It's all about leadership, they say, but what exactly do they mean? While leadership is partly art, it also embodies concrete elements, four of which Charles Araujo describes in this article.More