You scream, I scream, we all scream for vegan ice cream?
By Ellen Schuster, BA, MS

As with many grocery departments these days, the ice cream aisle is overflowing with numerous options (thank millennials, in part, for the growth of this market). Dairy-free, vegan or alternative ice cream ... they are proliferating faster than anyone can keep up. And if demand keeps up as projected, you'll see more options. As this article notes @, dairy-free ice creams vary in saturated fat, calories and sugar content. One thing that doesn't vary among many of these choices? They're pretty pricey. And if you're into history, here's a timeline of non-dairy frozen desserts @ (who can forget Tofutti?).

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Registered dietitians weigh in...
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And a peek into the future...
Ice cream made from micro flora is a one-time "event" just to prove it can be done @