Viral food videos are a thing
By Ellen Schuster, BA, MS

Viral food videos are a thing, note this quesadilla pizza @ Now, WalMart is partnering up with a leader in the viral food video market (see below). Who watches food videos on YouTube? Millennials of course @ including moms and dads.

**Buzzfeed Tasty & WalMart...making it easier to order recipe ingredients. Watch a Buzzfeed Tasty food video, tap on the ingredients and add the items to your grocery bag (the WalMart app or online website) @

**So what is Tasty? Buzzfeed launched this recipe video channel abut 4 years ago and many of the videos have gone viral. Here's how it's done @

**Hands and pans: Tasty's cooking format burns the Food Network in the online video economy says it all...With a focus on comfort food, Buzzfeed's Tasty is B-I-G @

**Hands and pans cooking videos are described here...quick, pared-down and step-by-step videos have taken social media by storm @

**Hungry for hummus? My first "hands and pans" video - read about one RD's experience making a "hands and pans" video and learn from her tips @

**5 secrets to how food videos go viral includes a "hands and pans" approach, show something new and create a community @

**It's Been a Minute - viral food videos are discussed and where I first heard the term "hands and pans" at about 17 minutes in @