Nonprofit Currents
Jun. 5, 2013

16 Americans among nonprofit workers convicted in Egypt
From NPR
Sixteen Americans were among 43 people convicted in Egypt for what the government there has said was illegal interference in the nation's affairs. Those judged guilty all worked for foreign nongovernmental organizations, including two U.S. groups that have tried to promote democracy in Egypt.More

IRS has long history of burying nonprofits in paperwork
From Reuters
Internal Revenue Service staff have a long history of discouraging applications for tax-exempt status from controversial groups by burying them in complicated questionnaires, according to former IRS officials. Among other reasons, they said, the tactic was sometimes used to persuade groups to drop their applications so the IRS could avoid making a ruling.More

Axelrod urges a new look at nonprofits
President Barack Obama's long-time political strategist David Axelrod called for a re-examination of the laws regarding tax-exempt nonprofit status. "I think the whole 501-c-4 concept has to be looked at — groups applying for tax exemption and also to keep their donors secret. That's the benefit they get from that," Axelrod said on NBC's "Meet the Press." More

New studies on philanthropic giving trends show hopeful signs for nonprofits and communities in need
From PR Newswire via The Sacramento Bee
In 2011, the largest U.S. foundations gave $10.2 billion in grants to benefit underserved communities and $2.9 billion towards empowering them. These are among the new findings released by the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy in its annual The Philanthropic Landscape series on key foundation giving trends.More

Republicans halt plans to tax nonprofits such as hospitals, private schools
From The Bangor Daily News
A Republican plan to tax large nonprofits such as private schools, hospitals and advocacy groups won't be realized immediately, but both Democrats and Republicans say they want to pursue the idea in the future.More

Nonprofits fight overhaul of government's charity drive
From The Chronicle of Philantropy
An Obama administration plan to overhaul the federal government's charity drive has angered nonprofits that say the changes would be a major blow to an effort that raised $258 million last year for nearly 25,000 groups.More

Nonprofit groups tackle newfangled metrics
From The Wall Street Journal
Standardizing the way newfangled metrics are calculated is a big job. As companies churn out their own performance benchmarks to satisfy investors' demands, nonprofit groups are cropping up to help them develop and report new metrics in a uniform way and decide whether they should be included on balance sheets, writes Emily Chasan in Marketplace section. In some cases they've even leapfrogged the FASB.More

Norm Coleman sees big paydays from nonprofits
From The Huffington Post
Leading two politically focused nonprofits has generated big money for former Republican Sen. Norm Coleman of Minnesota — with paydays better than when he served in Congress' upper chamber. More

How smarter giving can create a more effective nonprofit sector
From The Huffington Post
Dan Cardinali writes: "I recently had the rare opportunity to sit on a stage before a roomful of people representing billions of philanthropic wealth. These were people who could change countless lives with the stroke of a pen — and they had committed themselves to doing just that." More

Nonprofit helps young veterans find employment
From The Killeen Daily Herald
Staff Sgt. Willie Ewings was devastated when he was medically retired from the Army. "I was really hurt," Ewings said of being medically discharged in January following a knee injury and a diagnosis of sleep apnea. "I came in at a time our country was at war. It changed the way I looked at things. I didn't want to get out of the military. ... I made the decision that I wanted to make a career out of it."More