Nonprofit Currents
Oct. 8, 2014

As wealthy give smaller share of income to charity, middle class digs deeper
From The Chronicle of Philanthropy
As the recession lifted, poor and middle class Americans dug deeper into their wallets to give to charity, even though they were earning less. At the same time, according to a new Chronicle analysis of tax data, wealthy Americans earned more, but the portion of the income they gave to charity declined. Using the IRS data, The Chronicle was able to track gifts to charity at the state, county, metropolitan-area and ZIP code levels.More

Can a nonprofit find strategic ways to grow in difficult times?
From The Huffington Post
Nonprofits have always had to struggle to meet their client needs, even when economic conditions and social turmoil were much less constraining than today. How can mid-level nonprofits uncover growth opportunities in the present environment? More

Google opens whole e-business toolbox to nonprofits for free
From The Denver Post
Nonprofits looking for help from the tech world need not search far. Google's plethora of business tools is open to nonprofits for free, with a few features — like $10,000 grants — that many nonprofits may not realize are available. By starting on the Google for Nonprofits page, users can apply and get a Google Apps account. The tools help any organization get started with website creation, traffic analysis and creating e-mail addresses and digital phone numbers for staff. Those are some of the obvious features.More

Accessibility: 5 lessons for a better nonprofit website
"If you're designing for the Web or email, even the smallest understanding of web accessibility can help you raise more money and will definitely make you a better designer. Now, this is not where I spring a dusty and intimidating list of accessibility guidelines upon you. I've got something better. In early 2014, designer Darin Cavanaugh and myself conducted a study to discover the most serious accessibility problems facing nonprofit websites. How? We ran a series of 'Please visit this website and make a gift' usability tests on nine different nonprofit websites. The difference was that all of our participants were visually impaired," writes Brandon Granger, a senior interaction designer at Blackbaud.More

Round 2 for the Affordable Care Act: The agenda for nonprofits
From Nonprofit Quarterly
One year ago, the launch of the Affordable Care Act was so troubled and chaotic that the very survival of national health insurance reform seemed to be at risk. Now, despite the huffing and puffing of the likes of Senator Ted Cruz, the Affordable Care Act has been firmly ensconced in public policy, joining Medicare and Medicaid as the most significant changes in American social policy since FDR's promulgation of Social Security. More

10 companies donating the most through giving programs
From Forbes
With the recent annual Giving USA Foundation report revealing a decline in corporate giving last year, it’s time for Corporate America to regroup. Of four sources of giving that were assessed — individuals, foundations, bequests and corporations — every kind of giving rose in 2013 except for corporate giving. The increase in individual giving is leading the charge to create a fourth straight year of growth in total giving, comprising 72 percent of all giving, and representing the largest portion and fastest growing area of giving.More

As wealthy give smaller share of income to charity, middle class digs deeper
From The Chronicle of Philanthropy
As the recession lifted, poor and middle class Americans dug deeper into their wallets to give to charity, even though they were earning less.More

Bring your fundraising online: 5 steps to increase online donations
From Business 2 Community
With new channels — like email, social, mobile and Web — nonprofits have never had more opportunities to stay in touch with the people who matter most to their organization.More

How to attract talented millennials to your nonprofit
From The NonProfit Times
Return on investment is important for any fundraising effort. But while many nonprofit executives preach the need for ROI, not as many understand the need for an ROI report.More

5 Twitter hacks for nonprofits
From Business 2 Community
Out of all the social networks available to nonprofits, it's hard to beat Twitter for one-on-one conversation and engagement. No algorithm controls what's seen and not seen, with millions of potential and current donors, volunteers, employees and other supporters just a few keystrokes away. Here are five quick and easy things you can do to boost your nonprofit's Twitter activityMore

Nonprofits get 'f' for online fundraising?
From Nonprofit Quarterly
Go to any conference of fundraising professionals and you can be sure there will be a slew of presentations and workshops on social media and online fundraising. A recent U.S. report suggests that all that effort has been to no avail. Consultants Dunham and Company looked at 151 nonprofit websites and found most weren't optimized for mobile and many expected would-be donors to click through at least three links to make a donation.More

After the board meeting: From table to execution
By Robert C. Harris
It has been said that most actions fail to be implemented following a board meeting. How could this be when the commitments are documented in the minutes, consensus has been reached and assignments were made? Everyone has good intentions at the time. But the pressures of competing priorities, especially those from a "real" job and limited time often put organizational work on the back burner, and sometimes even off the stove. More

Study: CEO gender pay gap still prevalent in nonprofit sector
From Associations Now
Nonprofit organizations might be rebounding from the last recession, but they still have a wide gender pay gap, according to the 2014 GuideStar Nonprofit Compensation Report. GuideStar, a nonprofit that reports on the programs and finances of the sector, used its digitized database of IRS Form 990s filed by organizations in 2012 to conduct the analysis. The report, which looks at the entire spectrum of 501(c) organizations, found that for the 14th consecutive year, the median compensation for female nonprofit CEOs lagged behind that of their male counterparts by a significant margin.More