Nonprofit Currents
Dec. 17, 2014

How your nonprofit can launch a successful holiday giving campaign
From Forbes
It's no secret the holidays are an opportunity for nonprofits to deliver their best for the giving season. Yet the incredible convenience also comes with an unavoidable risk: If you don't wow people with something innovative, your campaign will get lost in all the noise. For instance, on #GivingTuesday in 2013, nonprofits collectively raised $27 million dollars, and in 2014 that number is expected to double. This year, an expected 15,000 organizations will be participating.More

Some tax extenders might actually be tax expanders for big business
From Nonprofit Quarterly
One of the crucially important functions of the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities is to uncover dimensions of budget and tax proposals that don't get a lot of attention in the mainstream press—or from the nonprofit press too, for that matter. A tax policy analyst for CBPP, Chye-Ching Huang, writes that the package of "tax extenders" that the House of Representatives passed and are so fervently sought by many nonprofits and foundations is "worse than first appeared." Her analysis is that a quarter of the $409 billion, 10-year cost of the package will come from expanding, not extending, tax cuts. More

10 fundamental design rules for nonprofits
From Mashable
Good design can change the world — or at least help nonprofits and social good organizations in the process. Whether it's using a website to tell compelling stories or creating an innovative product, design and social change go hand in hand. We spoke to designers and creatives who work in the social good space. They offered crucial tips for nonprofits and budding designers looking to effect change. More

House Dems block charitable tax bill
From The Hill
House Democrats blocked legislation that would have permanently extended three tax credits for charitable giving, ending an effort to give nonprofits a last-minute victory. The bill got a strong majority in the House, with 275 members voting for it, including 47 Democrats. But the measure fell eight votes short of the two-thirds majority it needed to pass, with 149 Democrats voting against it after House Democratic leaders whipped against it and President Barack Obama threatened a veto. More

'Kony 2012' group Invisible Children is shutting down
From Los Angeles Times
Invisible Children, the human rights group behind the "Kony 2012" video, announced that it is shutting down its San Diego headquarters and winding down its operations. The group, founded in 2004 and best known for its 2012 viral video about the atrocities of African warlord Joseph Kony, said that for financial reasons, it is cutting most of its U.S. operations at year-end and preparing to hand off its Uganda operations to partners in the region. More

The Google Cultural Institute and arts accessibility: Where is it all going?
From Nonprofit Quarterly
Google has been making strides with a variety of different arts and cultural organizations, bringing relatively inaccessible work to the public through digital means. The Google Cultural Institute archives and makes available to the online world images and documents relating to the history of film, artwork, preservation, and more. Soon, the Institute will expand to more than just an archive of history and art; it will serve as a platform for museums and galleries to create and manage their own mobile apps. More

Past president's syndrome: What will your former leader do in 2015?
By William D. Pawlucy
In 2015, a large number of organizations will undergo some type of board change. But what happens to the "past" president of the organization? In most organizations, the roles of the executive officers and directors are clearly defined with an important purpose. The role of the outgoing president is vaguely defined or not at all. How is this possible, and how can it benefit the organization? Why should we define this role more succinctly?More

How to make the tricky switch to nonprofit work
Kate Barr, who made the transition from the corporate world with aplomb, has some smart advice for mid-lifers who'd like to do it. She started her career as a dancer at small dance companies, pirouetted into banking and after 22 years of that (eventually becoming a senior vice president), landed her Nonprofits Assistance Fund job in 2000. More

A crisis of confidence in nonprofit leadership
From Associations Now
Leaders at social-service nonprofits aren’t optimistic about their ability to get things done. That has consequences for associations, and for how future leaders are trained. More

Survey shows arts groups in flux but trying out new ideas
From The Chronicle of Philanthropy
Nonprofit Finance Fund received more than 5,000 responses to our annual State of the Sector survey in early 2014, including 919 arts and cultural organizations covering a broad cross section of artistic disciplines and budget sizes. In addition to questions on financial health and viability, we asked cultural organizations about specific challenges they face and how they are working to address them.More

Disaster giving topped $100 million in 2012
From The NonProfit Times
Foundations made 884 grants totaling $111 million for disaster relief during 2012, according to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy's newly-released Measuring the State of Disaster Philanthropy Report. Published in conjunction with the Foundation Center, the report is the first in what the Center is planning to be an annual look at disaster relief efforts in the United States.More