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May. 1, 2014

Manual physical therapy for the geriatric patient is coming to Missouri
May 31 - June 1, 15 Contact Hours
Truman Medical Center, Kansas City, Mo. - Presented by Carleen Lindsey, PT, MScAH, GCS, CEEAA
Description: This course is designed to give experienced PTs a practical approach to manual therapy interventions for the geriatric patient. Lab sessions and demonstrations will feature flexible curve kypholordosis measurement, muscle energy techniques for spinal, rib and SIJ dysfunctions, joint mobilization for shoulder, hip, foot and ankle, myofascial and tender point releases, PNF with deep tissue mobilization, manual therapy with contract-relax and passive physiological intervertebral mobilization. This clinically comprehensive, hands-on workshop is designed for the PT to immediately apply the information in the clinical setting to geriatric patients. Who should attend?: PTs, PTAs and Students in their last year of school.

Full details can be found here.More

Get in on what's next June 11-14
The APTA NEXT Conference & Exposition takes place June 11-14 in Charlotte, N.C. Watch for trendsetting programming, innovative content, new virtual features and exclusive access to the profession's leaders and experts. Advance Rates End May 14 – register at

May is Older American's Month
The Administration for Community Living has named injury prevention as the theme of this year's Older Americans Month in May. As you mark the occasion in your community, please use and share these wonderful resources on falls prevention! Read more at Older Americans Month 2014.More

Stand Tall DVD
The SOG offers members many educational/instructional information and tools. Each month we would like to place a spotlight on one that is available and that members might not know about. We would like to introduce you to the evidence-based Stand Tall Exercise Program DVD. This program was developed by Dr. Wendy Katzman, PT, DPTSc, OCS, based on her research at UCSF-SFSU to reverse the postural changes that often occur in the older adult. Physical therapists can improve patient compliance with exercise. We know how hard it is for our patient/clients to be compliant with their exercise programs. Here is a great way for them to exercise at home with the physical therapist designed Stand Tall exercise video. This program was developed for the older adult and reinforces good postural alignment and proper body mechanics while strengthening core and back muscles, improving posture and bone health with targeted strength training and weight bearing exercise. Visit the Section on Geriatrics Store and view a trailer of the DVD and read more about Katzman's specialized exercises and postural training. These exercises are based on clinical trials by Katzman. References and more information are located at:

Academy seeks home study course editor

Must be a member of the AGPT and maintain a working email address in APTA’s database. The HSC Editor will be compensated for editorial services. Please contact the Academy Office at for more information.More

Study investigates massage for hamstring DOMS
Advance for Physical Therapy & Rehab Medicine
A recently published study in The International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy investigated the effectiveness of a massage tool on reducing hamstring muscle soreness after high-intensity exercise. The study, conducted at the National Research Centre for the Working Environment in Copenhagen, Denmark, investigated the acute effect of massage with the TheraBand Roller Massager+ on delayed onset muscle soreness. The study involved 22 healthy untrained men performing high-volume stiff-legged deadlifts to induce DOMS of both hamstrings.More

Is a cash-based physical therapy clinic right for you?
Dwindling reimbursement rates and increased business costs have impacted the profitability of many insurance-based physical therapy practices. Looking at the hassle and paperwork associated with insurance and Medicare reimbursements, it's no wonder that the idea of running a cash-based physical therapy clinic sounds very appealing. However, the challenge of changing from a traditional insurance-based business model to one that accepts only cash for payment keeps most physical therapists from taking this approach.More

Study: Rethink benefits of antihypertensive meds vs. risk of serious falls
PT in Motion
For adults over 70, could the risk of falls due to the effects of antihypertensive medications outweigh the risks of not taking those medications? According to a recent study of nearly 5,000 community-living adults over 70 with hypertension, it's a valid question that should be asked at the individual level.More

Weight gain or loss can affect post-joint replacement outcomes
PT Products
A study from the Hospital for Special Surgery shows that following joint replacement, losing or gaining weight may affect long-term outcomes for patients. An HSS study determined that although a number of patients who are overweight are able to lose weight following the procedure, equal numbers of patients actually gain weight after hip or knee replacement. The research team determined that patients who lose weight do better in terms of activity level and function two years down the road.More

Study: Brief physical therapy may improve urinary incontinence symptoms
Physical Therapy Products
The results of a clinical trial show that a one-month program of physical therapy result in significant improvements in quality of life among women with urinary incontinence. The study included 72 women with symptoms of stress urinary incontinence or mixed urinary incontinence. The female participants were assessed for QoL at baseline using the International Consultation on Incontinence Questionnaire-Short Form.More