SPE Industry Update
Jul. 31, 2013

Barrier packaging applications — the road ahead
By Don Rosato
Food packaging barrier developments are expected to greatly help reduce food waste to better feed a growing world population. Approximately 1.3 billion tons or one-third of the food produced around the world is lost or wasted on its way from the farm to the fork. In industrialized countries, 210 to 255 pounds of food still fit for consumption per person, is simply thrown away each year. With limited natural resources, it is more effective to reduce food losses than to increase global food production.More

Applications and advantages of β-crystalline polypropylene
SPE Plastics Research Online
Polypropylene is a semi-crystalline polymer widely used in many applications thanks to its low cost and excellent balance of properties. The characteristics of PP depend greatly on the level of crystallinity achieved when the polymer crystallizes from the melt and on the structure and morphology of those crystals.More

Dow Chemical earnings top estimates after gains at plastics unit
Dow Chemical Co., the largest U.S. chemical maker by revenue, posted second-quarter earnings that beat analysts' estimates after improved transportation and packaging demand helped its plastics unit. Net income rose to $1.87 a share from 55 cents a year earlier, Midland, Michigan-based Dow said in a statement.More

Economic analysis shows 3-D printing is ready for showtime
It may seem like a stretch to envision a 3-D printer in every home. However, a Michigan Technological University researcher is predicting that personal manufacturing, like personal computing before it, is about to enter the mainstream in a big way.More

Plastic casing for Apple's low-cost iPhone confirmed in supplier responsibility investigation
Tech Crunch
Apple's plans to release a low-cost iPhone got a solid confirmation from a new report by China Labor Watch. The unlikely source of the new product info was an undercover investigation into Pegatron to shed light on working conditions at the Apple supplier (which also acts as a partner to other consumer electronics makers). More

New technology for coffee cups separates the plastic from the paper
Plastics Today
Most people's morning routine involves coffee. After all, an estimated 58 percent of American adults consume coffee daily, according to the National Coffee Association.More

Barrier packaging applications — the road ahead
By Don Rosato
Food packaging barrier developments are expected to greatly help reduce food waste to better feed a growing world population.More

Sabic praises student car lighting designers
Plastics & Rubber Weekly
The Enope car design by Irish student Daniel Quinlan has won the individual grand prize in the VISIcON Automotive Lighting Design Competition organised by Sabic and the Royal College of Art in London.More

Future ATM withdrawals could be cardless
Bank Systems & Technology
Illinois-based Wintrust Financial Corporation is piloting a service that will allow its customers the ability to withdraw cash from Diebold ATMs using the Paydiant and FIS mobile wallet solution.More

High performance polymers industry has grown more than $7 billion
Over the past 20 years, the high performance polymers industry has grown from $1 billion to more than $7 billion. As overall global demand is increasing, the HPP space is filling out with new products and participants, leading to increasing competition, according to Principia.More

Material Insights: Resin sector news, a JV and lawsuit resolution
Plastics News
VideoBriefThe positive resin report from the American Chemistry Council points out that the U.S. resin market's 2012 sales total of $87.1 billion was 85 percent higher than its level of 10 years ago.More

NASA certifies 1st 3-D printer for use in space
Manufactured by Made in Space in collaboration with NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, the machine is the first 3-D printer certified safe to withstand conditions of space travel and operate in microgravity conditions. More

Why patents won't kill 3-D printing innovation
Live Science
If you want to start a fight at a party full of people passionate about 3-D printing, just mention technology patents. Immediately, people will stake out their positions and the room will erupt into chaos. Blogger Paul Banwatt sums up the debate nicely as a standoff between those "who believe that patents have held back 3-D printing technology and those who believe that patents have really incentivized innovation."More

Center creates new polymers from safe, renewable resources
R&D Magazine
Sometime soon you could be drinking your fruit smoothie from a plastic cup that started life as a pile of grass clippings. Moreover, these same kinds of cups also might end up as compost on your lawn. More

Nissan studies plants, suppliers to shave its costs
Plastics News
Nissan Motor Co. is attempting to pare U.S. operating costs by rethinking the way it buys parts, builds cars and moves cars and components around the continent.More

IAC shows prowess in new process
European Plastics News
International Automotive Components showed several new process technologies at the VDI plastics in automotive conference in Mannheim, Germany, earlier this year. Its FastKast slush process was demonstrated in a serial production application — the instrument panel and central console of the Ford B-Max car's cockpit. This involves cladding a styrene maleic anhydride substrate with a foam-backed PVC slush skin. More

European plastics recycling group calls for separate collection of PET trays
Recycling Today
The European-based plastics recycling organization Plastics Recyclers Europe is calling for plastics recyclers to separate PET bottles and containers from PET trays as a way to boost the efficient recycling of the plastics. More

Arrk's composite solution for UK race car
Plastics & Rubber Weekly
Arrk Europe, the specialist design and plastics group, has cooperated with the Briggs Automotive Company to produce more than 30 carbon composite components for the latter's Mono race car. More

RTP Company launches cellulose fibre reinforced PP compounds
Reinforced Plastics
Thermoplastics compounder RTP Company has unveiled the latest addition to its Eco Solutions product portfolio — a line of cellulose fibre reinforced polypropylene compounds.More