SPE Industry Update
Aug. 18, 2010

Plastic exports in India poised to touch $3.5 billion
Business Standard
Plastic exports are expected cross $3.5 billion in 2009-10, about 16 percent higher than last year, the Plastics Export Promotion Council said. "We expect export figures for the 2009-2010 fiscal may cross $3.5 billion, compared to about $3 billion in the same period the previous year," Plastics Export Promotion Council Chairman Manoj Agarwal told reporters. Stating that estimates for the April-June 2010 quarter were about $700 million, implying an export growth rate of about 20 percent, he said exports were mainly to advanced countries in North America, Europe, China and the Middle East. More

Reinforced biocomposites with guaranteed degradability in soil
SPE Plastics Research Online
Polymeric materials from renewable sources, such as thermoplastic starch polymers, are ecologically attractive because they come from renewable sources and their life cycle is closed without any environmental hazard. Novel biocomposites based on a biodegradable matrix reinforced with natural fibers have been developed in order to improve properties and reduce costs. The suitability of natural fibers as reinforcements of thermoplastic starch polymers is well studied. However, less attention has been paid to their biodegradability in soil.More

Thermoformer of the Year: Roger Kipp
Plastics Engineering Magazine
The SPE Thermoforming Division has named Roger C. Kipp Thermoformer of the Year for 2010. Mr. Kipp is vice president of marketing and engineering at McClarin Plastics, Inc., a leader in heavy-gauge thermoforming and fiberglass molding located in Hanover, Pa. Mr. Kipp's contributions to the plastics industry include hands-on development of tooling innovation, processes, and procedures; furthering education initiatives; and developing successful business models.More

China overtakes Japan as world's second-biggest economy
China surpassed Japan as the world's second-largest economy last quarter, capping the nation's three-decade rise from Communist isolation to emerging superpower. Japan's nominal gross domestic product for the second quarter totaled $1.288 trillion, less than China's $1.337 trillion, the Japanese Cabinet Office said. Japan remained bigger in the first half of 2010, the government agency said. Japan's annual GDP is $5.07 trillion, while China's is more than $4.9 trillion. More

President Obama signs into law the Manufacturing Enhancement Act of 2010
Channel 6 News
U.S. President Barack Obama signed into law the Manufacturing Enhancement Act of 2010 last week at the White House. "I'm pleased today to sign into law a bill that will strengthen American manufacturing and American jobs," Obama said during the signing ceremony. "The Manufacturing Enhancement Act of 2010 will create jobs, help American companies compete, and strengthen manufacturing as a key driver of our economic recovery." The legislation is intended to reduce costs for U.S. manufacturers. It will also help creating new jobs and cutting costs for businesses. It would reduce and suspend tariffs on certain materials U.S. companies must import to make their products. More

Chemicals industry and global demand rebounds in 2010, says Plunkett Research
Plunkett Research, Ltd. has released its newest market research and competitive analysis report, Plunkett's Chemicals, Coatings and Plastics Industry Almanac, 2011 edition, which identifies and analyzes major trends shaping the chemicals, coatings and plastics industry. According to Jack W. Plunkett, CEO of Plunkett Research, Ltd., "Global demand for chemicals and plastics is rebounding. Both basic chemicals and specialty chemicals sectors look better as of mid-2010."More

Kuwait a significant player in the industrial sphere
Global Arab Network
With a number of competitive advantages, including substantial hydrocarbons reserves, abundant liquidity and proximity to a number of growing markets in the region, Kuwait has the potential to be a significant player in the industrial sphere. However, expansion of the country's industrial base is currently being held back by certain factors. The government's control of oil production and export means that the private sector is mostly focused on financial services and real estate. More

Opinion: Banning plastic bags will kill California jobs, won't help the environment
San Jose Mercury News
The California state Senate is considering a bill banning plastic carryout bags. This legislation would tax consumers, forcing them to buy paper or reusable bags, and create an expensive new bureaucracy at a time of record deficits. The bill is consuming the time of our state government, while it still hasn't passed a budget. But let's focus on a more specific, immediate impact of the bag ban: the loss of jobs. More

The South African market for automotive plastics is poised for significant growth finds Frost & Sullivan
Newswire Today
Plastics are continuously replacing metal and glass in automobile applications in South Africa as they are light-weight, inexpensive and can be blended and molded for most applications. The integration of plastics has been instrumental in the automotive industry's ability to develop high performance vehicles with improved safety features and fuel economy. New analysis from Frost & Sullivan, South African Market for Automotive Plastics, finds that the market earned revenues of $157.3 million in 2009 and estimates this to reach $207.7 million in 2016. More


European recyclers consider opening new markets, like India
Plastics News
Europe's plastic recycling industry is too dependent on China as a market and should work to open up scrap exports to places like India, the Middle East and Africa, according to the head of one of Europe's plastics recycling trade groups.More