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A Breakthrough Bio-Additive Has Arrived!

GENAREX is proud to present BYLOX, a family of bio-additive products designed to complement your material formulation. Whether you are looking to improve bio-based content, improve ductility, or reduce total material spend, GENAREX has a product that you need to consider today.



BYLOX – aggressively priced, ductile additive which blends with a wide array of materials.
BYLOX HT – may be the most thermally stable economic bio-additive in the plastics industry.
BYLOX PLUS – blend great thermal stability with very low color/odor profile at competitive cost.

The Genarex Value Proposition




COMMODITY MATERIALS – has been added up to 30%/wt in LDPE, HDPE, PP, TPE's and many more!
BIODEGRADABLE SOLUTIONS – works well with PLA, PHA, and others without compromising "green" value proposition while meeting cost targets.
FLEXIBLE PVC COMPOSITIONS –Adds well to PVC as an extender while removing costly PVC + Plasticizing components, creating a less expensive, more sustainable product.

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GARBAGE CAN LINERS – Reduce total material spend while retaining product robustness in a sustainable solution for price-conscious customers.
AG/MULCH FILMS – Maintain a durable, bio-based and sustainable solution in this highly competitive segment.
PACKAGING –Meet customer demands for reduction of petroleum-based goods while featuring an inexpensive, high quality offering.
WOOD PLASTIC COMPOSITES –Feature an economic, responsible binder for binding of antimicrobial agents.

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Bob Montgomery
VP Sales and CoProduct Development |
O: 470-253-1616
M: 978-701-5500



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