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  A state-of-the-art research facility, the Kuraray Research and Technical Center helps push what is possible on product innovation through extensive application and development support. In our labs, we continue to design, construct, and improve processes for plastics and product packaging.  
  Kuraray’s recent purchase of PLANTIC™ makes us the world leader in
bio-based barrier packaging. Using our history and experience with EVAL™, Kuraray’s research and development teams are working to find new and unique solutions using PLANTIC™, EVAL™, and other materials that will reshape packaging design. These include the following:
  > Oxygen scavenging grades  
  > Custom grades for unique processing  
  > PLANTIC™ bio-based packaging  
  Our in-house teams represent a variety of skill sets and specialties, each working hard to stay on top of the new and the next to improve our
products and better our business.
The Research Team
Our research division leads the industry in packaging design, collaborating with our partners
to develop new, multidimensional models.
The EVAL™ Team
This group examines production facilities and troubleshoots processing issues to improve run times while maintaining quality.
  To learn more about Kuraray’s progressive research and development
programs, teams, and facilities, visit
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