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Taggants for Plastics
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Microtrace, LLC

Traceable - Anti-counterfeit Protection - Quality Control

Taggants for Plastics

Microtrace taggants are uniquely encoded materials or additives that can be incorporated into plastics to allow quick and easy filed identification of finished product. Taggants act as virtual “fingerprints” and can be used for:

  • Yes / No identification and authentication
  • Verification of product specifications (intended market, manufacturing location, time of manufacture, etc.)
  • NEW –Field Identification and Verification of additive levels
    • Dilution as low as 10%
    • Mix ratios

Taggants can be incorporated in all types and colors of resins.

Microtrace taggants are proven technologies that have been successfully incorporated into hundreds of millions of pounds of plastic as a reliable solution for brand protection and quality control for many years.

Uniquely encoded for each customer or application, Microtrace manufactures two main types of taggants used for plastics:

  • Newly Developed Molecular Taggant.
  • Microtaggant® Identification Particles.

NEW Molecular Taggant

Molecular Taggants can be accurately quantified in the field for quick and easy identification of genuine product, dilution levels and mix ratios.

  • Completely invisible and undetectable in finished product
  • Uniquely encoded for each customer or application
  • Delivered as masterbatch concentrate per customer specifications and typically used at a normal 1-2% letdown rate

Introducing Molecular Taggant:

Microtaggant® Identification Particles

Magnification of microscopic Microtaggant particles. Microtaggants range in size from 35 microns to several hundred microns.

The Microtaggant is ideal for quick yes/no identification and authentication of plastic parts in the field with inexpensive readers and detectors.

  • Uniquely encoded –like a fingerprint
  • Microscopic particles
  • Multiple levels of security
  • Quickly and easily identified in the field with inexpensive readers and detectors
  • Covert and overt features
  • Delivered as a masterbatch or as dry powder

Microtrace works closely with customers in the plastics industry to formulate taggant chemistries and masterbatch delivery formats to meet the needs of each specific application.

In addition to taggant technologies, Microtrace offers a variety of solutions for product security and brand protection. Microtrace also custom designs, manufactures and installs turnkey laser systems for direct part marking of plastic parts.

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