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Hot Knife Edge

Polymer is Crystalized at 800-900°F. Brittle Seals Result

Lower Temperature

+ Longer Blade Dwell

= Superior Seals

Seal-Cut Edge

Sealing at 375°F Polymer Maintains Strength and Elasticity

The Seal-Cut

Better Technology

The D.R. Joseph Seal-Cut reverses the process commonly known as slit-seal. Instead of slitting the material and then sealing it, the material is first preheated, then sealed and then split. This results in a clean seal, even on materials up to 6 mil. The system uses a significantly lower sealing temperature than the hot knife systems. For instance, a hot knife is usually set between 700°F and 900°F. The Seal-Cut is set at about half of that temperature. The benefit of using a lower seal temperature is that the polymer is not crystallized which makes the seal brittle and easier to fail. The result is a high quality seal that has excellent strength along the seal edges in both the transverse and machine directions.

The Seal-Cut provides quality seals on a large array of different film blends. If you are interested in testing the results on your own film blend, contact us about sending in a test roll to be sealed at our in-house lab.

If you are interested in learning more, follow the link below. Additionally, DRJ will be exhibiting the Seal-Cut at the 2014 Pack Expo in November.

  • “2-Up” applications
  • Film thickness up to 6 mil
  • Line speeds up to 600 ft./min
  • User Friendly Controls
  • Size range 24”-100” layflat

Learn More: DRJ Seal-Cut

Visit us at Pack Expo 2014 to see the Seal-Cut in
Person and discuss your application.
Click here to register for free with your complimentary show pass and visit us at booth E8511

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