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A New Way To Ensure Platens & Mold Halves Are Aligned
Mold Align - Injection Mold Align Tool

Dear Engineer,

Now you can ensure your platens and mold halves are properly aligned and free of defects.

Mold-Align® is a thin indicator film that quickly reveals the pressure distribution along the parting line of your two mold halves. The primary purpose of Mold-Align is to indicate mold face planarity. When placed between mold halves that are compressed together, it instantaneously changes color to reveal precisely how pressure is distributed. This makes it easy for you to scrutinize and correct areas of high and low contact pressure along the parting line which lead to flash, burns and other defects. It can also be used to correct the contact pressure of clamps and tiebars.

Simply follow the two steps in the graphic above. No prior training is needed. Join our many clients worldwide who benefit from our products.

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