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What Virtual Molding Can Do For You
How valuable would it be for your business if a new mold produces good parts at the first molding trial – without any re-cutting of cavity, cooling lines, or runner?

Expect exactly that from SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding: "First-Shot" successes!

SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding's technology is a new and absolutely unique approach in the injection molding industry. It has been created for you, so you can analyze and optimize your processes and molds, increasing efficiency, productivity and part quality, while simultaneously reducing the associated time, material and energy consumption. With SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding you identify and resolve problems before they even appear.

SPI: US Plastics Industry Growth Setting Records
(Plastics News) The U.S. plastics industry has more than made a comeback since the global recession that began in 2008, according to two detailed reports by the Society of the Plastics Industry Inc. released Dec. 2. In 2014, the U.S. plastics industry employed more than 940,000 people and saw a record $427.3 billion in shipments, according to the SPI report. Plastics shipments have seen 11.5 percent growth since 2012, generally seen as the beginning of the end for the recession. (Read More...)
Bioplastic Materials and Process Advances on the Move
(MultiBriefs) Microbiologists, rather than materials scientists, are developing new plastics building blocks. New technologies, such as converting plant sugars directly into polylactic acid (PLA) in a single step rather than the current two-step process, will reduce manufacturing costs, and bring new bio-based products to market. To further enhance overall performance and durability of bioplastics, additives, blends and alloys are increasingly used. (Read More...)
Will Endlessly Recyclable Plastics Soon Be a Reality?
(Environmental Leader) As the COP21 climate talks are underway in Paris, and government leaders work to hammer out a deal to limit global warming, French company Carbios has announced a technology that may pave the way to infinite plastic recycling — eliminating plastic waste and its impact on climate change. (Read More...)

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